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Retail Therapy: Modern Hanging Chairs

I love lounging in a hammock in the shade on a warm summer afternoon. I love that relaxing, floating in the air feeling.  But hammocks don’t exactly lend themselves to great design choice.  Hanging chairs on the other hand, give you the same floating sensation and come in a variety of modern, sculptural shapes that work well outdoors or indoors.  I can just picture myself swinging away with a yummy mojito in hand.  Here are my top modern hanging chair picks:

Modern Hanging Chairs


1. Round Rattan Hanging Chair

2. Porch Swing with Stand

3. Parlay Swing in Espresso

4. White Hanging Rattan Chair

5. Two’s Company Hanging Chair

6. Ikea PS Svinga

7. Swingasan in Mocha

8. Ravelo Porch Hanging Chair

9. Hanging Rattan Chair


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Before & After: An Elegant Boys Bathroom

Modern Elegant Boys Bathroom_18 copyOne of the first space that came together in my mind was the Boys’ Bathroom.  I knew I wanted something masculine and timeless.  Our boys are little now, but I know that wont be for long, so I wanted a bathroom that would last them for the next decade. My mood board helped me crystalize all my ideas.Modern Elegant Boys Bathroom_43 copyAs you can see from the Before and After picture, this remodel was purely cosmetic no walls moved, plumbing in the same place, but what a change.  No more turquoise and pink, just sleek black, white and gray.  I love so many things about this bathroom, but one of the elements that has the greatest impact was probably the least expensive, the wall tile.  The tile for the bath surround all comes standard from Home Depot, but the beauty is in the pattern.  The stone mosaic tile came in ready strips of 5-6 rows, but I didn’t want that look.  I wanted an elegant pinstripe look, so all the mosaic strips were cut down to single strips with two rows of large format 6″x8″ tiles, the white tiles were just $2 sq/ft.

Modern Elegant Boys Bathroom_37 copyThe shower curtain is a whimsical SAT vocabulary words curtain from Urban Outfitters from a few years back.  I had bought it for Big Boy’s bathroom remodel in LA and decided to bring it along because I liked it so much.  UO doesn’t sell it anymore but you can find it here.  Modern Elegant Boys Bathroom_17 copyThe piece de resistance in this remodel is the vanity in ebony with clean chrome hardware and a Carrara marble top.  I wanted a black vanity in order to anchor the space, but I didn’t want anything too boxy.  What I love about this piece is that it looks like furniture and also has a good amount of storage.Modern Elegant Boys Bathroom_14 copyThe other super elegant feature is the Kingston Brass rain shower + hand shower hardware.  I knew I wanted something with a hand shower so that I could easily rinse off my boys after their bath and the rain shower feature is something they can grow into.  Did you see the gorgeous goose neck lines on that shower head?  A total head turner.  Since the hardware is chrome with white porcelain dials, I decided to echo this detail with the boys’ hooks.  I opted for hooks over a towel rack, because it is WAY easier for kids to hang their towels on their own, when using a hook.  I personalized the hooks by adding small framed pictured of each of the boys playing with the bubbles in their bath.Modern Elegant Boys Bathroom_30 copySpeaking of goose necks, check out the light fixture above the mirror. I found it at a local light shop that repurposes vintage pieces and turns them into cool light fixtures.  In the case of this fixture it uses vintage pipes and a vintage milk glass shade, for a look that’s industrial meets country.  I like that the pipe extends in a way that it mirrors the shower head.Modern Elegant Boys BathroomBut the thing that really helped the room finally feel finished was hanging things on the wall.  I created cute bathroom appropriate art.  I had seen pieces on etsy and pinterest, but most were too bold, so I decided to design my own.  I think they turned out really nicely.  Plus I hung them up using my favorite 3M Command strips, so that once the boys are older I can swap things out easily without damaging the walls.  I highly recommend using Command strips (I’m not paid to say this), I use them as often as I can when hanging art.Modern Elegant Boys Bathroom_35 copyLast but not least, the floor. I loved the look of Marmara marble.  Ann Sacks carries it and it is called Asher Gray.  It’s divine, but I was super concerned about ruining such a beautiful material with boys that sprinkle when they tinkle.  The associate at Ann Sacks agreed with me that it was not the best material for the location.  She recommended I go with porcelain so that I wouldn’t have discoloration or maintenance.  Best advice, ever.  But I didn’t want to give up on my Marmara, lucky for me  I didn’t have to.  I found a this beautiful full body Italian porcelain that mimics the natural stone, exactly.Modern Elegant Boys Bathroom_11 copyIt’s funny how this space has been done for months, but wasn’t finished until I put things on the wall.  Now it is complete. Hope you enjoyed this latest installment of our house remodel.  If you want to check out more Before and Afters go here.  For paint details go here. Thanks for stopping by.  Drop me a note and let me know what you think.  Don’t forget to like my page on Facebook, I’ll be posting a DIY Bathroom Art Printable in the coming weeks.

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Out and About: Movie Date


For June we had a lot going on, so we kept our date simple with a movie.  But what a movie! We went to see Chef, written and directed… and acted by John Favreau.  Summers are all about big production blockbusters, but this was a small intimate comedy that just made you feel good.

But for me the real star was the food.  I am a foodie and have a soft spot for movies where food plays a central role.  The food in Chef looked so delicious, it not only made me hungry, but re-inspired me to try new recipes.  If it’s still showing, go see it.

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INTERIOR INSPIRATION: Warm + Modern Dining Room Inspiration

One of the spaces I have been stalling on is our dining room.   Our main floor is open plan. The living room connects to the dining room, which in turn opens on to the playroom and the kitchen. As a result  the dining room has to work with all of the adjacent spaces, while hopefully maintaining an identity of its own. To inspire me I’ve pulled some images of warm, modern dining rooms.  We have a fantastic vintage mid century Drexel Profile dining set that can expand to accommodate 10 people. I want to work with this set, especially since we scored the set a few years back for $500 on Craigslist, the same set  refinished is currently listed on 1stDibs for $8900!

Dining Room Inspiration


Dining Room Inspiration


Dining Room Inspiration


Dining Room Inspiration


Dining Room Inspiration


What I like about these inspiration dining rooms is that they are not all matchy-match.  I don’t like matchy-match, but do I sacrifice the integrity of our gorgeous Drexel set?  I’m thinking put the two captain’s chairs in storage since they don’t tuck in nicely under the table. The other element we have is an oversized, statement chandelier.  What we don’t have is: a) artwork, or b) a rug, c) the right sideboard.  Initially, I thought I would forgo a rug under the dining table but I like how the rugs anchor the spaces above.  For artwork, I thought I might do a cool, modern, plate display, but finding an eclectic collection of cool vintage plates hasn’t been easy.  So the hunt continues.

What are they key elements you look for in a dining room?

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Retail Therapy: Top Modern Planters

There’s something about summer that makes you want to be outdoors all the time. But how about bringing the outdoors in with plants? I’ve been hunting around for good looking modern planters. Turns out many of the ones I like are faceted, geometric designs reminiscent of hexagons. You may recall I love hexagons, see here to refresh your memories. But some of the modern designs have a paired down retro vibe.  Here are my top choices:

Modern Geometric Planters

1. Shane Powers Ceramic Wall Planter

2. Reversible Planter

3. Light + Ladder Hanging Planter

4. Living Wall Planter

5. Faceted Hanging Tray

6. Hexagon Wall Planter

7. Modern Wall Planter

8. Geometric Planter Placecard

9. Fiberclay Barrel Pot



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