Celebrate: Semi-DIY Batman Party + Printable

Semi DIY Batman Party 1

I’ve been known to go a little cray-cray putting together my kids’ birthday parties (see here, here and here for evidence of my craziness), but this year I was just too busy so I opted for a semi-DIY  Batman Birthday Party.

Semi DIY Batman Party

The key to making the party feel Batman-esque was to stick to a color palette.  Initially, when I’d put together my Batman Inspiration Board, I thought I would go with a black and grey scheme, but as things developed I opted for a black, yellow and blue scheme. Switching out the colors helped to punch up the decor and gave me more options with store bought items. The Batman cookies were from here. The bunting and birthday banner were from here. While I usually make cupcakes our local super market had a deal that I couldn’t say no to, so I bought the cupcakes and topped them off with DIY cupcake toppers.

Semi DIY Batman Party 3

I could have bought all Batman plates, table cover etc, but I felt that it was better not to overdo the theme. Instead, for the table I opted to create a cityscape with items from here and here.  I particularly love the tall tower. It’s so cool and took less than 1 minute to assembleand made a big statement.

Semi DIY Batman Party 2

For games we had a scavenger hunt, a Batman themed bouncy house and of course, a piñata.

Right about now you must be wondering, “what did she DIY?” I made same DIY Batman flashlights and DIY Batman party favor goodie bags.

DIY Batman Flashlight

The flashlights were from a local dollar store.  The Batman printable is from here.  The design was originally intended as a candy wrapper, so I shrunk the design to suit my purposes and added the words “Bat Signal”.

DIY Batman Favor Goodie Bags

I bought simple black party favor bags and embellished them with a DIY thank you tag printable which I made.

Batman party favor thank you printable

You can download my free Batman party favor thank you tag here.

By mixing DIY and store bought items I managed to create a Batman Party that felt personalized, but most importantly it was a party our little Monkey LOVED.


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Vintage Finds: July 2015

Vintage rattan etagere, black and white photograph, set of brass candleholders

They say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, in this case the trash is this woman’s treasure.  I found this lovely rattan étagère abandoned on the sidewalk along with some stinky old rugs.  The étagère is in mint condition, with not a single break.  While my preference is for closed storage (it hides a multitude of sins), I couldn’t pass up this charming little thing and did a quick U-turn to rescue it from its fate.  The other items weren’t set out to be trashed, but they were cheap. The three solid brass candleholders were from a garage sale, they’re not vintage but have a vintage look, $7 for the set originally from Crate & Barrel.  The B&W photograph is a weird, super intriguing image, almost ghostly and $20 for original art is good price in my book. This month’s expenditures, a whopping $27.  I like the sound of that!

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INSPIRATION: Beachy Breezy Girl’s Room

Pink Blue Teal Beachy Girl Bedroom, surfI always thought that if I had a girl I would refuse to dress her in pink.  Well, I have boys so pink is actually not a part of my life.  So, when my client recently told me her daughters wanted a pink room in their new house, it actually made me smile.  Mom wants to embrace pink to make her girls happy, but doesn’t want it to become a pepto-bismol explosion.  I found the perfect jumping off point in a pillow I found at Target.

Color stories have to start somewhere and this pillow had the right mix of pink, blue and teal.  Girly, yet modern and beachy. This mood board shows you how to pull of this look by sprinkling in the pink, yet grounding it with the blues.  Also I’m a big believer in warming up rooms with wood, and while I’m partial to a walnut finish, I felt that an oak finish had a more beachy, sandy vibe.  The piece de resistance is the chandelier made with glass beads reminiscent of beach glass.

I love this modern beachy, breezy girl’s room and I love the pink.  If I had a girl, this is how I would do pink.

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

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FAMILY: Summer Learning

Summer is about fun and relaxing, but we all know that if we don’t keep our little one’s brains active they can experience learning loss.  I’ve put together a bunch of things so that our Big Boy gets off to a good start when school is back in session.

Kids Travel Journal

1) Travel Journal

We will be traveling around Europe visiting relatives this summer.  A travel journal serves two purposes; a) it will help him record and remember the things he saw and did, b) it will encourage him to write.

Reading Bingo


2) Reading

There are different ways to get kids to read over the summer.  Our local library has a bunch of prizes kids can win depending on the number of days kids have read.  But my favorite is the Reading Bingo from Playful Learning. It encourages kids to read different types of books, different media and play word games.  Plus, it’s a game of Bingo, so you can win with all kinds of different combinations.

3) Activity Books

Summer Bridge books feel too much like homework to me, so I picked up a bunch of activity books that are more playful, like solving puzzles and finding clues.  It keeps the mind humming, but it’s more fun.

Eiffel Tower


4) Sightseeing

In no small part thanks to Minecraft and Lego, Big Boy has developed an interest in architecture.  He put up a poster in his room that features many famous buildings from around the world.  Since we are fortunate enough to be visiting a few of the cities where some of these buildings reside it will be really cool for him to experience these buildings in person.  His interest is in archicture, but it could just as easily be animals, or pastries.  The learning comes from experiencing new things in person.

What are your favorite ways to keep their little brains active?  Would love to know.

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Celebrate: Simple 4th of July

Last year we hosted a potluck BBQ with friends for 4th of July, but this year hubby and I are sneaking out of town for a few days and wont be around for this patriotic celebration.  My mother will be taking care of the boys, so I thought to myself what would be a nice simple way for her to acknowledge and celebrate the occasion with the boys, without getting into complicated party planning?

Step 1 would be to attend the local parade.  Nothing simpler than just showing up and getting into the spirit of things.  But once you get home, how do you keep the spirit alive?  I’ve narrowed it down to 3 simple things.

Simple July 4 , bunting banner, strawberry shortcake and sparklers.

1 | 2 | 3

My top picks: 1) a fun item to eat full of patriotic colors like this delicious cherry + blueberry shortcake; 2) nice simple and graphic decorations like this great free printable banner; 3) because the kids wont be staying up to watch the fireworks why not enjoy simple sparklers, every kid loves them.


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