A New Beginning: Tearing Down the Walls

My hubby and I have undertaken a few renovations in the past, but none as substantial as this one.Our first house was a modest 1910 Craftsman.  It needed a lot of work and we put a lot of sweat equity into the house.  Our second house was a large 1926 Spanish style home.  It needed work, but was live-able so we were able to do the work over a few years.  In fact, we had just remodeled our master bathroom a few months before moving.  We had been dying to have a nice bathroom and of course did it, before we learned we were going to move to the Bay Area.  Our current home is a large 1953 mid-century home.  It is the “youngest” home we have ever owned, however, it probably needs the most work of any of the homes we’ve previously owned.  My explanation for that is that we are only the second owners of the house.  Which means the previous owner lived in it for almost sixty years and with that comes a lot of deferred maintenance.

We bought the house for several reasons, it had the bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage we were looking for.  It also has a flat backyard, something we took for granted in Los Angeles.  However, the Bay Area is very hilly and a flat yard that kids can run around in isn’t as easy to find as you might think.  And, last but not least, it was within our budget.  We did compromise on one thing, the location is not very pedestrian which I had hoped for when leaving car-centric Los Angeles.  However, the neighborhood itself is safe, family friendly, lovely and green. Plus, we got a bonus… a pool, but more about that later.  Our first priority is tackling the interior of the house so that we can move in.

And so it begins.

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