Celebrate: DIY Toddler Space Party

Easy DIY Space Party Ideas

A few weeks ago we celebrated our Monkey’s 3rd birthday with a DIY Space Party that was toddler friendly. My space party inspiration board gave me a sense of where I wanted to go in order to keep the feel playful, yet modern.

14_5_24_03 copy14_5_24_04 copy

I used this Ikea napkin as the starting point for my table setting. I felt its design was modern and playful, yet reminiscent of planets. This gave me a color palette jumping point, which I eventually narrowed down to orange, blue and silver/gray.

14_5_24_05 copy

For decor I cut out a custom bunting banner out of stock paper and also hung an array of small and medium foil stars. I had considered hanging “lantern planets”  but ultimately felt I wanted to keep the look more clean. I purchased space themed printable on Etsy to tie everything together. The printable pack actually comes with bunting banner elements that you can print, but I decided to save my printer toner.

14_5_24_07 copy

When I saw this rocket canvas at Target, I knew immediately I had to get it.

14_5_24_06 copy14_5_24_25 copy_114_5_24_27 copy_1

For food I kept things simple and kid friendly, but ordered a custom cake from a local bakery. I baked and frosted a lego cake for Big Boy’s birthday and I know frosting is not something I do well, so I decided it was best to get someone else to take care of that part. I had provided them with the photo of the cake from my inspiration board, but as you can see it doesn’t look like it. The cake tasted great, but they frosted the sun in a far too decorative manner for my taste, and the planets were made of marzipan (though I had told them the planets did not need to be edible, they could be foam). Turns out the marzipan was so heavy on the sticks that within half an hour they were falling off their skewers. Monkey didn’t know the difference, so to him it was grand and he had a great time blowing out his candles. He also really enjoyed eating it.

14_5_24_10 copy_1

I also bought some star and moon cookies from Etsy.

14_5_24_17 copy_114_5_24_08 copy_1

For toddler friendly space games, I made a DIY astronaut helmet out of an old protein shake container.  BTW- Monkey’s rocket T-shirt is also from Etsy and it is so soft.

14_5_24_09 copy_1

As far as play was concerned, the big hit was the Lunar Landing play area, which was made up of Kinetic Sand and some small space toys. The Kinectic Sand sticks together and doesn’t dry out, so the kids really enjoyed touching and molding it.

14_5_24_18 copy_1

I also set up a coloring station with a space themed coloring page which I found doing an image search.

14_5_24_16 copy_1

Some ball planets to kick around the yard.

14_5_24_15 copy_114_5_24_20 copy_114_5_24_22 copy_1

The other big hit was the DIY “Pin the sun on the Solar System” game which was great fun, though the kids didn’t want to be blindfolded.

14_5_24_23 copy_1

Lastly, I had a space shuttle piñata which everyone enjoyed whacking.

14_5_24_14 copy_1

It was a fun little party and I feel that I successfully redeemed myself with Monkey for last year’s lack of celebration. Happy Birthday Monkey.  We love you.

DIY space rocket party

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