Celebrate: New Traditions

In my effort to raise my kids more consciously, I’ve been thinking a lot about family traditions.  Turns out we don’t really have any because my husband and I come from such mixed backgrounds. I’m Filipino – Danish, but grew up in Italy and France, while my husband is German – Indian and grew up in England. Say wha?

So, for the holidays we generally just do what others around us do, but some local holidays aren’t very significant to us, while others are.  Take Halloween for example. Not a holiday that means much to me, or that I care much for. BUT, it isn’t about me, it’s about the kids, so I’ve decided to commit to decorating pumpkins.  I’m thinking something along these lines:


Our boys aren’t particularly crafty, so I want something they can succeed in recreating. Plus, the color scheme will work better in our home, so that’s a bonus.

But besides typically American celebrations, I want to celebrate our mixed heritage.  So we’ve decided that next up on the calendar will be Diwali, the Hindu celebration of light. Then we’ll move on to Thanksgiving, with a French twist. For the Christmas season we’ll go fully Nordic, by celebrating St. Nikolaus which is in early December, then for Christmas itself I’ll be sprinkling it with Danish traditions from my childhood.  That means, I’ve got some planning to do.

America is a melting pot.  How do you honor your heritage, while embracing local traditions?  I’d love more ideas.

Sources: Thanksgiving TablePumpkins


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