Celebrate: Semi DIY Star Wars Party

Semi DIY Star Wars Party 1

I’m taking a break from some of the Farmhaus reno to catch you up on some of the other things that have been going on. Namely, our little Monkey turned 5.  We had promised him a few years back that when he turned 5 we would take him to Legoland. Even though we were juggling many different things, we wanted to keep our promise and so we packed our bags and took the boys to Legoland for a couple of days. Here are a few pics of the boys:



They had so much fun and particularly loved the Chima waterpark. Between airfare, hotel and park entrance, these kinds of family trips start to add up quickly and I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend more on a birthday party. But 5 is kind of a milestone. He’s headed off to Kindergarten and wont see many of his preschool friends anymore. So, I decided to throw a low-key Semi-DIY Star Wars party.

First up was the banner.  I bought ready made banner triangles at a party store and printed up the birthday message using a free Star Wars font.  Easy.  High Impact.

Semi DIY Star Wars Party 1 copySemi DIY Star Wars Party 11

Then for some simple cupcake toppers from here.

Semi DIY Star Wars Party 2

Semi DIY Star Wars Party 10

Aside for a few black and white balloons and didn’t do much else in terms of decor. For games, we had them all make pool noodle lightsabers. I cut all the pool noodles in half ahead of time. Then set out some duct tape and black electrical tape so that each kid could make their own lightsaber. Depending on the child’s skill level/age, this activity can require adult assistance, but they loved the end result.

Semi DIY Star Wars Party 7Semi DIY Star Wars Party 3

We had a couple of girls at the party and when the boys we running around with lightsabers, they were truly overwhelmed.  So I made sure to also have a couple more low-energy games. First up, Bingo. I bought a Star Wars bingo template on Etsy, but I’ve seen a free version here.

Semi DIY Star Wars Party 5

Then we had a sort of scavenger-hunt, where they had to find the matching cards to some ready made Star Wars matching game I had bought ages ago.

Semi DIY Star Wars Party 9

Finally, I had a pinata. This might be the last year that I do the pinata. The boys are getting too strong!

Semi DIY Star Wars Party 12

We finished it off with pizza and cake. He was so happy.  It was totally worth it.

Semi DIY Star Wars Party 6Semi DIY Star Wars Party 4

Next week, I’ll follow up with instructions and a printable for the DIY Star Wars gift bag.



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