Construction: Down the Drain

As the inside of our house edges its way to the finish line, we have started to “survey our land” to figure out what we want to do on the outside.  The biggest thing we have to contend with outside is The Pool and what to do with it.  It’s a pretty large pool too.

When we bought the house the pool looked like this, beckoning you for a swim:

Now it looks like this:

Not much difference except the water is a bit murkier from debris making its way into the water.  That said we’ve had the pool diligently cleaned all throughout the construction. After years of living in Los Angeles and wishing we had a pool, we thought it ironic that we moved to the Bay Area and bought a house with a pool.  Mind you, we were not looking for a pool.  So, our intention was always to keep the pool and one day make it look more like this:

image via

Well, the cost of fixing up the pool surround quickly snowballs into something truly astronomical.  So we did a lot of soul searching, evaluating whether it was worth keeping the pool or getting rid of it, especially since the weather in the Bay Area is much cooler than in Southern California.  We were of two minds about what to do, but after consulting with our fabulous realtor, she said that the house would gain in value without a pool*. So, if we spent money on the pool, the money would literally be going down the drain because it would adversely affect the value of the house?! Huh?  After hearing that bit of information making the decision to get rid of the pool was easy.

Sayonara pool.  Looking forward to learning how to plant a vegetable garden instead.

image via

* N.B.: the added value of a pool depends on the community you live in.  Our realtor’s recommendation was specific to us and our community.

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