Construction: Farmhaus Progress – Part 2

Finally another Progress Report about the Farmhaus remodel.  It’s about time.  There’s be a lot of progress since my last report, getting here has taken A LOT of work.

Remember that dramatic video of Hubby making a wall crash?  Well we had to rebuild it. Not only from the interior but from the exterior too.  The windows went in, we added flashing and waterproofing… and then we had to shingle. I actually found shingling to be quite therapeutic.  On a nice sunny day, it took on a zen like meditative rhythm, but I found that once it got to the mincy bits that required a lot of measuring and trimming, it wasn’t so meditative.  But we got through it and now we can say we know how to shingle.


On the inside, the big step was getting the drywall up.  For this we hired some help, because we knew from past experience that we are not great at this step.  Seeing the bathrooms with walls was huge. It really gave us a sense of the space.


Once the walls were in and prepped, I knew I could start tiling.  I’ve never tiled before so I wasn’t quite ready to undertake both bathrooms by myself, so I decided that my contractor would do the main bathroom and I the master bathroom.  That way I could ask questions and get pointers along the way.  Let me tell you, tiling isn’t as easy as they make it look on HGTV and it takes time. A lot of time when you are laying each small tile. I think I might even write a post just about tiling as a first timer.


In this shot, I did a dry fit of the floor tile in order to manage my random pattern. Even when something is random, you have to be deliberate and plan.


So after tiling, I thought grouting would be a piece of cake. Not true.  That too, was not as easy as it looks.  Anyway, it’s all done now.


So, while I was toiling away in the bathrooms, Hubby got to work in the bedrooms, stripping all the old trim, cleaning up the floors.


He then put new trim around the windows, installed shiplap walls, and installed the underlayment and the new white oak floors. Under my breath I was kinda cursing him, because each time we finished a day of work, he got to look back at a completed job, where as I toiled over wet tiles… Did I mention I was toiling over tiles?


So what do you think?  The lighting and bathroom fixtures have to go in, but the space is looking so much more civilized. I can’t wait to have this phase of the renovation completed so that we can start sleeping there at the weekend and continue working on the house while the kids play in the field. We wont have a kitchen/living room/dining room for a while, but for some insane reason, I think that wont take as long.  Call me crazy.


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