Construction: Farmhaus Progress

I’m finally getting around to posting a progress report on the construction that’s been going on at The Farmhaus.  If you follow me me on Instagram you’ve probably managed to catch glimpses of what’s been going on, but now that we’ve passed our first inspection and are getting ready to close up the walls, I wanted to take a moment to show you what’s been going on.  To be fair, progress has been slow, but when you’re doing much of the construction work yourself on the weekends, there’s only so much you can get done each time.

The bathroom is what drove the redesign.  Basically, we wanted to convert what was once a large but strangely dysfunctional bathroom, into two very efficient smaller bathrooms.  One is going to be en suite to the master bedroom, the other bathroom, will be the main bathroom used by the boys and guests who come and visit our new digs.

FARMHAUS - Progress Bathrooms


We hired a crew to do a lot of the demo of the bathroom since we were also having the chicken coop taken out.  After that, we did the “finer” demo ourselves.  Taking out the super-sized garden window was the most time consuming.  We didn’t just want to cut it out and push it out since it would leave shattered glass everywhere.  So we spent several hours taking it down carefully.  Once that was out, we took down the whole wall.  See here for a dramatic video. It always has to get worse before it gets better, and having portions of the exterior wall missing was a little intimidating. However, once the space was fully opened up, I put down blue tape to get a sense of how the bathrooms would function. Sometimes things work on paper, but in reality they feel odd.  I was pleased to see that my blue print translated very well to my blue tape mock up.  Once we were happy with where things were placed we started framing.  But then, I called in the pros.  Hubby and I are more than willing to get our hands dirty, but we felt that plumbing and electrical would be better left to the professionals, who could get it done better and faster.  With the plumbing and electrcial roughed-in I was able to call my first inspection.  I was quite nervous.  Not only is the remodel based on my plans, but we did so much of the construction ourselves.  I had nothing to be afraid of, the inspection went very well and I was given the green light to start closing up the walls.

In the meanwhile, once we finished framing the bathrooms, we moved our attention to the master bedroom.  It had one large window that provided no light and a small door to the deck.  We decided to close up the window and get a larger door to the deck.

FARMHAUS - Progress Bedroom Window

Right around the time I got my plans submitted, Home Depot had a window and door sale which gave me 15% off.  So, I took advantage of the discount and ordered our doors right away.  That’s a good thing because it takes the manufacturers a while to custom make the doors and windows.

FARMHAUS - Progress Bedroom Patio Door

The natural light that comes in through the back of the room is a MASSIVE improvement on the light this room used to get.  Plus, by centering the door, we are able to capture a much better view of the backyard and the pastures beyond.

It’s so exciting seeing things take shape.  I know that once drywall goes in, things are going to start moving quickly so I need to narrow down a few finishes. YAY!


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