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I’ve always had every intention of reusing the original doors (see picture above).  They are solid wood with clean, simple lines just the way I like them.  However, my contractor and my hubby got talking and now it seems we are in the market for new interior doors because a) it will take too long to refinish the doors to make them match the quality of finish that now exists in the house, and b) some of the doors are warped and some openings are new, so we need some new doors anyway and it would be difficult to match the old with the new.

I have never had to look into the cost of doors, but the door I like best cost a lot of money, multiply that by 20 doors and we have ourselves a little fortune spent on doors that I never thought needed replacing.  Argh. So, I’m trying to figure out what the most “economical” door options are, that still work with the house.

The cheapest doors from Home Depot are these:

But the six panel look is not appropriate for the look of our house.  The style is too traditional.

Another option would be this:

It’s  flat panel door, so it’s definitely more contemporary. But it’s so flat, it’s kinda boring.  Both come in at about $50 per door, excluding hardware.

My preference is for this look:

The panels are a bit traditional, but by keeping the the lines horizontal the door is a bit more contemporary looking.  This one comes in at $88.  My fear with this design is that in a hallway with multiple doors next to each other, this look might get too busy.  What all three have in common is that they are hollow core.  🙁 Me no like hollow core, when my old doors were solid wood.

I’ve been looking at this door:

I like the look.  Clean, but with just enough detail. But I can’t for the life of me get a quote.  I’ve called Masonite, the makers of the door.  Was on hold forever, then they were unable to help me, so they directed me to my local Lowe’s.  Call them and they don’t know their heads from their tails on this one.  Ask for anything besides a six panel door and it’s a maze.

I’m thinking that maybe my best bet is to get a smooth, solid door and DIY some detail on to it.  Something like what you see here. What do you think about my options?

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