Construction: Pool Demo

Much of this last week our backyard was taken over by heavy equipment, for our controversial pool removal.  I say controversial not because what we are doing is unusual, but because when I mentioned to people we planned to remove the pool, we definitely got mixed reactions.  Some thought it made perfect sense, while others thought it sad.


So, before we get into the pool demo, let me remind you of what our pool once looked like:

If you saw it in person, you’d know it was a decent size pool.  The demo guys estimate it to be a 22,000 gallon pool, but I don’t think 22,000 gallons means much to most people.  But let me tell you, it’s big.

Step One was to drain the water out.  It got pumped straight out into the sewer line.  I didn’t take any pics of that part, sorry.

Step Two was to demo the pool and the concrete surround.  They had to make several large holes at the bottom of the pool so that water would drain out when it rains.

Step Three, the rubble was then smushed (not a technical word) into the deep end of the pool and covered with a membrane.  Not sure what purpose the membrane serves.

Step Four, they brought in truckloads of dirt to fill in the hole and help to level it out.  The dirt got compacted every 6 inches. Check out the pic below, it’s as though the pool never existed.  The big mound of dirt in the middle is top soil they brought in so that we can put in sod next week.

Et voila.  Four days later, no pool. If we’d known we were gonna demo the pool, we would have done it before all the house demo.  It would have avoided the construction crew from having to cover it up and us paying to have it cleaned all these months… You live and learn. But next week we’ll have grass and plenty of it for the kids to run through the sprinklers.   I say we’ll have grass, landscaping on the other hand, will likely take a while.  We a) have no $ left, b) I have a black thumb and c) we still have to deal with the arbor/pergola/pool cabana that was there.  When they got rid of the concrete surround, the structure’s footing was weakened, we now have to figure out how to shore it up on the cheap.

In the meanwhile, I’m dreaming of grass and summer days spent like this:

image via

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