Construction: Progress Report 4

This week’s progress report is all about finish.  Not as in “the remodel is finished”, but as in “surface finishes”.  Yes folks, we are at that point.  The walls are all up, mudded sanded, etc, so that means we can move on to some of the more fun stuff, like tiles.  Here is a quick hint of things to come in the various bathrooms.  I couldn’t do much better than that as much of the floor surfaces were covered up with protective paper so as to not damage the tiles underneath when they started painting the ceilings, etc.

See how much wall surfaces I’ve had to cover with tile?  I think it fully illustrates why I had to manage costs by using inexpensive white tile from Home Depot.  If I had let myself get carried away, the tile bill would have been astronomical for all those square feet.  Too bad most of the floors were covered for these pictures, because that’s where the nice tiles are.  You’ll just have to wait for a reveal.  In the meanwhile, do take a note of the fastidious tile job.  Can you see how in the corners the tiles break evenly for a balanced flow?  Nice!

Above, are pictures of the sunroom, that you’ve seen before.  It now has new wood floors instead of a nasty carpet over plywood.  They had to go to extra lengths to match the old floor in the adjacent dining room, as the wood has a random strip pattern much like what can be found in some mosaic tile patterns.  They had to use 3 inch, 4 inch and 5 inch wood planks just to make the new floors blend in with the old.  Once the old floors are sanded and both floors are stained, doubt anyone will be able to tell the difference.

I’d say tile is 3/4 done.  Floors are 2/3 done.  They’ve also started on painting ceilings and walls and installing electrical trim on the switches and outlets. Baseboard trim and interior window trim is on its way.  Exterior window trim has also begun.

Too many things going on at the moment, including the kitchen install which I alluded to in my instagram feed.  Follow my instagram to see some of the little details as they come along that I simply don’t have time to write about in a full post.

It’s crazy at the house.  It’s ALL happening at once.


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