Construction: Progress Report 6

The big story this week is that the kitchen is nearing completion.

I don’t think I mentioned this before, but we decided to go with an IKEA kitchen.  Several factors helped us make this decision.  First off, IKEA kitchen cabinets cost considerably less money than going custom.  Sure you don’t have all the options of a custom kitchen, but the savings are worth it.  Plus we bought our kitchen components during one of IKEA’s kitchen sales, so the discount applied not only to the cabinets but also to the quartz countertop we chose.  These savings are not insignificant.  A second consideration was replaceability.  OK, the latter isn’t even a real word, but by that I mean, that if something breaks IKEA stuff comes standard and so it can easily be replaced.  This was an important factor for me because our last kitchen was a mid-level custom kitchen, but after a few years of use, the door finish started to show serious signs of wear. I like the fact that if a door breaks I can just go buy a new one.  The last factor in our decision making process is related to doors.  IKEA cabinet frames are standard, so down the line if I decide to give the kitchen a whole new look, I know that I can choose a new door profile and just pop them in for an instant makeover.

The cons of an IKEA kitchen?  Well, you do have to assemble it.  We were originally going to use the IKEA installation service, but after they jacked up the price of installation by $1000 from our original estimate, to an a new estimate given to me when we were actually ready to install, we decided not to use them.  Our contractor’s team is handling much of the install at the price we were originally quoted.  The good thing about that, is that we stay within the budget we’d originally allocated for this aspect of the project. The bad thing is, they are not IKEA installers, which means they are not used to building these cabinets day after day… so the install is taking longer.

Anyway, enough about the kitchen it’s on its way, but not yet done.  This is probably the last you will see of it before it is completed.  At which point I will show you the dramatic before and after shots, that will hopefully look more like one of my kitchen inspiration shots.

By the way, speaking of doors, I tried to located the modern five panel door by Masonite, but apparently it is not a model they provide in California.  For your reference, you should note that not all doors featured on the Masonite website are available in every part of the country.  I learned that they contract with local fabricators and so each region has different designs.  I think the website should feature a search criteria that narrows your selection by geography, that way you can get a real sense of what is available in your area. Don’t you agree?

So, to conclude the door saga, we went with a solid core single panel shaker door. And, yes, it is the most expensive option, but the hollow core just didn’t feel right and the only other design I liked was the five panel door.  If I’d gone with the more traditional 5 panel door, our hallways would have started to look really busy.  In some areas we have seven door right next to each other 5×7=35.  That’s just too many panels.  Single panel lets you rest your eyes more.  Here they are in their hung and primed state.  Just wait until you see them with paint and glossy hardware.

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Betty - We have a square kohler kitchen sink that looks very similar to yours in the photo above. =)

Kristine - I love that you went with an Ikea kitchen. We had an Ikea kitchen in our last place in Santa Monica, I don’t know if you remember seeing it. We loved it and we were there for 3 years and the cabinets still looked brand new. They wear very well. Hopefully these will be the same, you will be surprised. We also had kitchen cabinets in our bathrooms but no one knew. They looked custom to the bathroom. Anyhow, love the choice and love the new doors. Great job! I can’t wait to see all of the finished photo’s! xoxx K

isadorag - Betty,
thanks for your comment. The sink in our kitchen is from Frigidaire. How wide is your sink? The sink cabinet we have is 30″ and the Frigidaire was the biggest sink that I could get away with using this cabinet. The sink is actually 27″ wide, with a couple extra inches for the lip bringing it to 29″ It literally JUST squeezes into the space, but I think having a big, deep sink will be very valuable especially as we have wide open countertops.
-i x

isadorag - Kristy,
thanks for the comment an thank you for following along this journey. I’ve known a few people with Ikea kitchens and all have been happy, so I’m hoping to fall into that category. That said, I do think your kitchen needs to be fairly rectangular in order to accomodate an Ikea kitchen. Unusual angles wouldn’t work well.
-i x

Betty - Ours is 27″ wide and also have the 30″ sink. we did ikea kitchen and counters too…

The deep single sink has been working out really well esp with cleaning pots and pans.

Ashley - I am In love with your kitchen!! It is exactly what we want and helped solidify our choices. I do have a question though… what colour are your cabinets? We are wanting the bodbyn off white. Thanks so much!!!

isadorag - Hi Ashley, sorry for the late reply the Holidays got the best of me. Ikea no longer makes this door profile. It was the Ramsjo, but they discontinued it when they switched over to the Sektion system. I think in their current line the Bodbyn is probably your closest bet. Good luck.

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