Construction: Progress Report 7

“What did you do Saturday night?” Typical answers might include, “We went to the movies to see the Great Gatsby“, or “We tried a really great new restaurant”.  But once you have kids, your answer to this question starts to change to something like, “We did movie night with the kids, and had some microwave popcorn”.  Hubby and I try to have a date night once a month.  Last night was one such night.  So, what did we do for our hard to come by date night?  We built closets.  Yep, you read that correctly, we built closets. I know, super romantic.

Once the kids were in capable hands we got to work and got well acquainted with the likes of Pax, Komplement and Algot.  If you recognize these names you know that this is no small undertaking.  We have two large master bedroom closets, 3 additional bedroom closets and two hallway closets that need fitting.  If left to the contractor, he’d probably put up a shelf and a hanging rod and call it a day.  But from experience I know that the more thoughtfully you optimize your storage, the better chances you have at containing clutter.

So, the master bedroom is getting a customized Pax system, the other closets are getting the Algot system.  When taking down walls, we considered building a walk in closet (WIC). However, after discussions with our architect it became abundantly clear that if we did a WIC, the master bathroom would loose considerable square footage and in the end neither of the spaces would be particularly large.  In fact the WIC would likely be puny?  I ask you, what’s the point on insisting on a WIC when what is truly matters is cubic feet of storage?  By forgoing the WIC, we gained a large master bathroom AND also have tons of closet storage. Win. Win.

Again, Ikea to the rescue.  Their Pax system has so many different options you can really create your dream storage.  However, same caveat as with the kitchen, it takes time to build yourself.  Hubby and I took on all the closets, because we want the guys working on the house to finish the stuff we can’t do, like plumbing the laundry room, or checking all the new electrical circuits now that many of the light fixtures are in.  I like the Pax system a lot, the Algot, not so much.  It’s the same principle as the Elfa storage system available at the Container store, but a) not as flexible, and b) not as easy to install.  Having installed the Elfa in 4 closets in our last house, I know the merits of the Elfa… however, I also know its cost.  So, I opted for the less expensive, less flexible Algot.  Not the end of the world, and probably about a quarter of the price.

So, if you were to ask me, “What did you do Saturday night?” my answer would be, “Hubby and I had a date and built closets” and you know what?  It was kinda fun.

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Kirkhall - Now that you’ve had these for a bit, any advice about installation (specifically, for algot?) And, any evidence that they might be pulling away from the walls? Their spacing means the uprights won’t be secured into studs. How did you handle that, and are you satisfied with the Algot system (esp in comparison to the elfa that you’d previously had). Do the top/suspension rails do much for holding it all in the wall?
Thank you in advance for any advice!

isadorag - Great question. We were also a bit concerned that the Algot did not align with the studs. Our solution? We decided to drill holes into the top/suspension rails so that our screws would go into the studs. This way we knew the uprights would be hanging off of something solid. It’s an easy fix. So far we haven’t found it pulling away from the walls at all. How does it compare to the elfa. The drawers don’t glide as smoothly, but besides that for the cost differential, I’d say Algot gets the job done. BTW- I’ve been told that Hilti makes extra strong anchors. We didn’t use them, but perhaps if you want extra reassurance, this could be something to consider.
Good luck.

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