Construction: Progress Report

Just wanted to check-in with a little progress report on the construction.  I don’t think it’s fair to just post a perfectly styled “After” picture without showing you what’s happening along the way.  It’s not fair to you and not fair to the process of what a remodel really is.

First off, I’m happy to report that the electrical is all done.  Probably could have been done a little faster, but in our case we have A LOT of cables.  We are running cables in the wall for everything you can think of.  From fire detectors, to TV cables, to network cables, every single wire that we can think of and more, (since our contractor has decided to add in other cables e.g. intercom, so that the cables are all there should we decide we want to add such a feature down the line), all are being buried in the wall.  The electricals have come a long way.  Notice in the before picture the not-quite-up-to-code outlets (read fire hazard) and the now neat and elegant cables.  Wires may not be exciting, but when done this well, I think they’re kinda sexy.

I also wanted to show you what a couple of rooms are looking like. Below you’ve got the sunroom.  Not quite an even before and progress shot, since I took the progress shot with my good camera and the other one with my trusty point and shoot.  The latter doesn’t quite have the same wide-angle lens option.  Anyway, back to the Progress, you can see all the new windows are in and properly sealed for weather.  The other thing you might notice is that we said Bye Bye to the unnecessary dropped ceiling.  The soaring ceiling plus wonderful natural light make this one of my favorite spaces in the house.

The pictures below are of the master bathroom.  Can you believe the before picture?  It doesn’t even begin the capture the awkwardness of what the space used to look like.  In the Progress shot you can see we’ve doubled the space of the master bathroom to allow for a double vanity, a separate shower and tub and WC.  We’ve replaced two small windows with one larger one to give us more wall space above our vanity.  You will note, all the plumbing rough-ins are in and electricals installed.  The picture doesn’t show a skylight that we are installing to bathe the corner furthest away from the window with more natural light.

Electrical – Done

Plumbing – 85% Done

A/C and Gas – 60% Done

We’re getting there.  Once everything that goes in the walls or under the floors is installed I know the reno is going to move quite fast.  Our contractor is already talking about wrapping things up. Can’t wait for the dry wall to go in, but I know we are still a couple of weeks away.

So, what do you think?  Not a small job!  What are your construction joys and pitfalls?  Would love to know.

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Anna - Why oh why did people do dropped ceilings? And in a sun room? It’s anathema to the whole idea of what a sunroom is supposed to be! How much time has the contractor been on the job? I feel like this work is going pretty fast. And I’m very admiring of your new wiring. Our electrical looked like yours in our New Jersey house. We had some scary cables going all across the ceiling of the basement.

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