CONSTRUCTION: The Farmhaus Project – Part 4

It’s been kind of crazy around here so blogging has had to go on the back burner.  That doesn’t mean we haven’t made progress at the Farmhaus Project.  In fact, we’ve been using every opportunity to get the work done.  The last time I checked in about progress, we’d just started a bunch of demo.  Well, demo is easy, rebuilding takes time, but we’ve made a lot of progress.  Check out what we’ve been up to.

We wanted to modernize the fireplace.  I would have really loved to put in a new, sleek gas insert, but this wood burning fireplace is worth thousands and it just didn’t make dollar sense to remove it.

TheFarmhausProject - Fireplace Refacing 1


We put up new drywall to create a blank canvas and got rid of the ugly tile hearth.

TheFarmhausProject - Fireplace Refacing 2

I re-tiled the hearth with a 4×10 black porcelain tile in a herringbone pattern, the same one I showed you last time for the mudroom.  Why mess with a good thing, right?

TheFarmhausProject - Fireplace Refacing 3

We had tons of the lights put in, including some recessed lights to “wash” the new shiplap wall surround.

TheFarmhausProject - Fireplace Refacing 4

Then we painted everything white to brighten things up.

TheFarmhausProject - Fireplace Refacing 5

We did all of this ourselves, except for hang the dry wall and install the electrical.

Up next, the floors.  If you remember from our original tour of the house, the hardwood floor was laid on a diagonal.  Perhaps that was cool in the 1970s but it wasn’t the look we were going for.  We decide to put down the same floor we put in the bedrooms.

First we put down the underlayment, then on top added the floor.

TheFarmhausProject - New Floors 2TheFarmhausProject - New Floors 1

The real pièce de résistance was putting in the kitchen.  WOOT! WOOT!  Take a look at it unfolding.

When you last saw the kitchen it had new windows and new electrical.  Big steps, but not a kitchen.

TheFarmhausProject - Rustic Modern Black Kitchen Remodel 1They then tapped and mudded the dry wall so that the cabinets could start to go in.  The minute the cabinets started to go in I could see my vision becoming a reality, and it was exciting.  There was still a ton of work to do, but having cabinets was HUGE.

TheFarmhausProject - Rustic Modern Black Kitchen Remodel 2TheFarmhausProject - Rustic Modern Black Kitchen Remodel 3TheFarmhausProject - Rustic Modern Black Kitchen Remodel 4

For the record, our cabinet maker installed the cabinet.  We could have done it, but it would have taken us WAY longer.

Once we put in the cabinets we were able to put in the floors.  We decided to put the floors around the cabinets, instead of under the cabinets to allow the floors to expand and contract.  Then we brought in the counters, sink/faucet and appliances. Having fridge was a big deal.  It meant we could keep fresh food and not run to the supermarket every time.  That’s a big deal when you have small kids.
TheFarmhausProject - Rustic Modern Black Kitchen Remodel 5

At this point, while the kitchen wasn’t finished, we technically had a working kitchen.  I could cook, wash and store food, etc.  The space was still a disaster zone, but I could make breakfast or an easy pasta and that felt like a huge victory.

TheFarmhausProject - Rustic Modern Black Kitchen Remodel 6

Next came tiling.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know I complained about how much tiling I’ve done on the Farmhaus Project.  Sure it’s a skill I wanted to learn, but I didn’t picture myself doing it week after week… Here is the backsplash going up.  It’s a 4×12 matte white tile.  Originally I had purchased a 2×8 tile that I’d bought online, but when I saw how small the tiles were, I decided to get a bigger tile.  I wanted to save my sanity.  I’m really glad I made that decision.

TheFarmhausProject - Rustic Modern Black Kitchen Remodel 7

A few weeks back I polled readers on Facebook and Instagram if I should go with a linear layout for this graphic tile, or if I should go basket weave.  Everyone voted overwhelmingly for the linear layout.  It’s what I thought I wanted to do when I bought the tile, but I had a moment’s hesitation.  Your votes help confirm my initial instinct.  So, thank you to those who took the time to vote.

TheFarmhausProject - Rustic Modern Black Kitchen Remodel 8

So, that’s what we’ve been up to at the Farmhaus.  Busy, busy busy.  At this point you probably wont see these spaces until I’m ready for full reveals.  Exciting, right?  Thanks for following along our DIY farmhouse renovation.

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