DIY: 5 Minute Modern Thanksgiving Placecards

Modern DIY 5 min placecards

I didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving, but I LOVE Thanksgiving.  What’s not to love when you spend your day eating good food with people you care about?  But Thanksgiving can be stressful.  There are so many dishes to prepare, a Turkey to keep a watchful eye on, all while making sure that everyone is enjoying themselves.  So, when it comes to setting the table for Thanksgiving, I feel that it’s best to keep it simple and minimize any additional stress.  Last year I did my impression of calligraphy on some fallen leaves and used them as place cards.  Simple.  Effective. The floral arrangement was a beautiful decorative cabbage in a deep shades of emerald and fuschia.  This year I want my vintage plates to take center stage but I want to complement them with a cool, modern DIY placecards.

5 min DIY modern placecards


How To:

1) Go to your local nursery (or hardware store with a good succulent selection) and select an assortment of plants.  My plant pots are about 3″.  I decided to choose a variety of succulents with different colors, textures and leaf formations. But you could also choose just one variety for consistency, or two varieties and alternate them on the table. I think your final decision should be driven by the plants that are available, because you want them to be healthy and plump.

2) Remove all labels from the plastic pots.  I thought this step was going to be more of a pain, but in fact the labels were the slightly plastic kind, so they peeled off very easily.

3) Remove your succulents from their pots and set aside.

4) Take your clean/dry mini pots outside (or to a well ventilated space).  Invert them on to some scrap cardboard and spray paint them evenly.  Don’t spray too fast, or to close or you could get drips.  Check you spray paint for best use directions.  I used a champagne mist colored metallic paint from Rustoleum, but your color selection should be

5) Let dry.  Once dry, put the succulents back in their pots, and water them.  They are succulents so don’t need to get watered often, but it is best to get them watered before you actually need them.  Last watering should be 1-2 days before you use them on the table so that you don’t get any water dripping from the bottom.

6) Place namecards among the leaves.  I printed my name cards using this font, on simple kraft paper for a rustic look.

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