DIY: A Year of Valentines

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Hubby and I have not had a lot of quality alone time since the arrival of our little Monkey. When we just had Big Boy we managed regular date nights and occasionally got away for a long weekend. But it has been almost three years since we experienced that level of “freedom”.  We love being with our boys, but everyone agrees that the key to happy kids is a happy marriage. So, I’ve decided that this year we are going to have a Year of Dates.

Some time ago, I had seen a post which suggested planning a year of dates. That post combined with a targeted ad on Facebook for, a personalized “date concierge service”, made me seriously think about how Hubby and I are going to celebrate Valentine this year. I know that Valentine is kind of a made up holiday, but I like that it makes you pause to consider the people in your life that you really LOVE. I love my kids, so I always like to do something fun for their class Valentine. But, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, all the good things in my life start with my Hubby.  Now that Monkey is older my plan is for Hubby and I to reclaim so alone time.

I’ve decided to have 4 categories of dates:

1) active

2) cultural

3) entertainment

4) culinary

Personally I’m more into 2-4 and Hubby is more of a 1, 3-4, so we often end up with 3 and 4, which is usually dinner and a movie.By having these categories it will take us out of our routine and push us to explore. My intention is for us to make new memories, alone. We had 10+ years of alone time before kids and the memories of that time spent together has served us well. But this year is the time to start filling our heads and hearts with new memories that are just our own. Plus, it’s also a good excuse to explore all that the Bay Area has to offer.

Here’s what I’ve planned:

FebruaryWine Tasting in Sonoma/Napa

March – Japantown + Japanese Tea Garden

April – Kayaking in Tomales Bay + oyster lunch

MayLecture on Statistics + Coffee & Cake

June – Cocktails and Comedy

July – Walking Tour of Oakland

August – A weekend away in Palm Springs

SeptemberDolores Park al fresco Movie Night

October – Tandem Bike Ride of SF + Picnic

November – Cooking Class

December – Dinner + Theater

January – Couples Massage


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I had a bunch of 5×7 envelopes, so I decided to write out the months on each of them.  I have never studied calligraphy or hand lettering (on my To Do List) but did my best to make it  look pretty.  Then I did an image search for each activity to find pictures that I could print out as postcards.  For instance I searched “kayak” for our kayaking expedition.  In my case I wanted to use images that were representative of what we would do on the date, but you could just as well use pre-made cards and fill in what your activity is going to be and include tickets when applicable.

I am planning to photo journal our dates, so you’ll see what we get up to.  Can’t wait!

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