DIY: Chair Revival

I’ve been sick for the last few days.  I guess the change in weather got to me.  I also lost my voice thanks to laryngitis, which is not very practical when trying to wrangle two boys. So, during my little one’s nap time, I decided to do a little something for myself, namely a little DIY to revive some chairs from my addiction vast collection.

First up was this antique chair I had scored in L.A. at a thrift store about 3 years ago for a mere $20.  It originally had a hunter green chair pad, but I reupholstered that immediately. Now, for its third act, I decided not only to reupholster the chair pad, but to give it a full paint job. I think the Before & After shots are quite dramatic.

First things first, I had to unscrew the chair pad and just deal with the frame.  Structurally the chair was sound when I bought it, but unfortunately it suffered a major bang during our last move that caused one of the arms to nearly break off.  Fortunately the break was clean, so with a little wood glue, I was able to put it back together.  To hold the arm in place, I used blue tape since a clamp wouldn’t have been able to hold the arm at such a weird angle. Once the glue set, I gave the whole frame a quick sanding, followed by a coat of primer. I’ve been known to skip the primer step, but it really makes a difference when you want the pain to stick.  Once the primer was dry I sprayed the whole piece with white paint using my Wagner paint sprayer, a thoughtful Valentine gift from my Hubby.  Finally, I removed the old fabric from the chair pad and stapled a new leather like gray vinyl fabric.  I bought a mere 1/2 yard to reupholster the seat for $12.  Counting the paint, fabric and chair, the total cost of the project was under $40, which is about 10% of the price of this Stick Around Chair from the Novogratz collection at CB2, which has remarkably similar lines.  I thought about adding a nail head detail to mine, but I like the more casual look with the cane back.


The other chairs I reupholstered are these chrome beauties.  I bought these chairs about 13 years ago at the Rose Bowl Flea Market for $40 for four chairs.  Yep, that’s $10 a chair, one of my best scores EVER.  When I originally got them, they had a cracked tan colored vinyl seat cover. I reupholstered them then with a chocolate microsuede, then later reupholstered them again with a sea foam blue fabric, which is what you see here in the Before picture.  This is the third time I’m giving new life to these beauties.  I love these chairs.  The tags on them say they are from 1976 and made by Daystrom Furniture.

The light blue seat covers got really stained over the years so the chairs were overdue for a facelift.  This time I decided to go with a pattern, which is more forgiving with young kids and I love the result.  First up, I removed the seat pad and cleaned up the chrome with super fine steel wool.  It easily removed little rust spots that had started to form and really helped bring a new shine to the chairs.  Then on to stapling the new fabric, making sure to align and center my pattern.

The blue patterned fabric was originally $16 per yard, but they were having a sale so I got it for $12.50 a yard.  So for $25 of fabric I was able to reupholster all 4 chairs, which bring the total cost per chair to a measly $16.25.  I love a bargain.

I’m very pleased with the results and all it took was a little elbow grease.

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