DIY: Holiday Pompom Straws

DIY Pompom Straws

Back in the days when I worked in PR, I threw many lavish parties, but to me it was always all the little details that made those parties extra special. I often partnered with high end champagne companies who had very specific ideas of how they wanted their brands to be experienced.  On a couple of these occasions the champagne companies provided twirly straws to make sipping more fun.  So, whether hosting a Holiday party or a New Year’s party, I thought it would be fun to make your bubbly more playful, and came up with an easy DIY pompom straw.  Doesn’t the flute of champagne look even more festive dressed up with a sparkly straw?

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make these Pompom Straws:

DIY Holiday New Year Pompom Straws

1) Buy fun festive paper straws that suit your event decor. Buy a ready made tinsel garland to coordinate with the straws. Mine were all from Target.

2) Cut your garland into sections of approximately 1″.  Be careful when you cut these sections, the cut needs to be clean or you could end up unravelling more of the garland than necessary.

3) Be sure to do a dry run on your flutes first to figure out the right distance. The pompom should sit comfortably above the rim of the glass, but should be far enough from where the lips will go. If you place the pompom too close to the lips, it could tickle, but not in a good way. Carefully apply glue in a ring around your straw using a glue gun. Quickly bend a cut section of garland around the glue ring, making sure the whole circumference of the straw is covered.

4) Let the glue dry. Keep in a vase until ready to use.

5) When ready, pour bubbly into your flute then embellish with a fun, festive DIY Holiday New Year Pompom Straw.

6) Serve and enjoy.

Last year, my Holiday DIY was a super easy DIY modern advent calendar. You can check it out here.


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