DIY: Minecraft Scavenger Hunt and T-Shirt Printables

As promised, I’m following up my Minecraft Birthday Party post with instructions and printables for our super successful Minecraft Birthday Cake Scavenger Hunt and T-Shirt Party favor.

First up, here is the down low on the Minecraft Scavenger Hunt. I debated for a long time about whether they should find an assortment of random items for their inventory, or do something more specific. I decided to have the kids look for the ingredients to make cake. It was a birthday party after all. I also had them look for ingredients to make candles. In this case I modified the recipe for a torch, making the recipe 2 sticks and 1 coal. Technically it should be 1 stick and 1 coal, but in Minecraft that gives you 4 torches. I needed more candles/torches. So, if your kid is turning 8, you could double the torch recipe, but for odd numbers like 7, 9 or even 10, you have to approximate.

Free Minecraft Scavenger Hunt Printable


DIY: Minecraft Scavenger Hunt Instructions

1) Print Recipes.

2) Tape up Recipes so that kids who are not as familiar with Minecraft know what to look for.

3) Print Ingredient Cards on stock paper, you don’t want these to be flimsy.

4) Trim the Ingredient Card sheets into 4.  Faint lines are provided for cutting ease.

5) Hide the Ingredient Cards around your house or backyard.

6) Instruct the kids on what to look for, emphasizing that it’s a team effort to “make” the birthday cake

7) Once all the Ingredients have been found, bring out the cake.

Download Recipes Here and Here.

Download Ingredient Cards Here.

DIY Minecraft T-Shirt Party Favor

DIY: Minecraft T-shirt Party Favor Instructions:

1) Print Creeper faces onto Iron on Transfer Paper

2) Trim printed images

3) Iron on according to instruction provided with your Iron on Transfer Paper

4) Done!

Download 2×2 Minecraft Creeper Images here.


N.B.: There are some Iron On Papers that print the image as a mirror, some that do not.  In the case of the creeper design, it doesn’t matter. However, if you are using a different design where direction is important, pay close attention to the instruction provided with your particular brand of iron on paper.



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Allison - I can’t thank you enough for making your cake recipe and cards available for printing. Seriously, you are helping out this not-so-creative, not-that-much-time-to-sort-this-out mom big time, and I really appreciate it. Also, for the very idea of the scavenger hunt. You’ve alleviated some big worries in planning this party. THANK YOU!

isadorag - The scavenger hunt was super successful, but so was bingo. You should check out my first post about the party where I link to printables by other mamas who spent a ton of time putting together their awesome printables see here:
Have fun.

Lisa - Hi! Love the printables for the scavenger hunt. I would like to make my own as my son is turning 8 and the ingredients will be different. I see you used Minecraft font (how cool), but just wondering how you got the graphic (the 3 buckets of milk, sugar, etc)? Did you take that directly from Minecraft and used image-capture software? Thanks!!

Maral - Hi, I cannot find those green pencil cases anywhere! Would you be able to tell me where you got them from? Thank you! I think your party looks amazing! You did such an awesome job!

isadorag - I found them at a local 99 cent store. Unfortunately, the inventory at those places is hit and miss and varies from shop to shop. Good luck finding something that works for you.

Jennifer Dombeck - These ideas were AMAZING! My son LOVED them, and so did all our guests. Thank you for sharing your creativity!

isadorag - So glad to hear you liked them and that your son had a great birthday. Made me smile. 🙂

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