DIY: No Candy Classroom Valentine 2018


Ever since our oldest started preschool (he’s 10 now), I’ve been creating DIY Classroom Valentines. You can check out a few of my past efforts here and here, and the ever popular on Pinterest You Rule DIY here.

I’m big on doing no candy.  For some kids it’s important because of potential allergies, but based on how well my kids brush their teeth (not well), I prefer to do no candy simply so that I can minimize the whole cavities thing.  This year my DIY is a simple pencil.  I found cute pencils that came as a pack of 5 for $1 and decided to work my DIY around them.  I created a “You’re Just Write” punny holder to make the pencils feel more special.

What you’ll need:

  • Cute pencils
  • Card stock
  • Color Printer
  • Scissors
  • Exacto Knife
  • Ruler

First buy cute pencils. Enough for everyone in the class.



Then print the free printable I created on to card stock.  Slightly heavier paper is better as it holds the pencils. Regular paper is too flimsy. Each sheet has 3 pencil holders, so print as many as you need. Next cut off the excess paper.


Once your excess paper is cut off, you’re ready to cut the slits that will hold the pencils.


Don’t make the slits too long or the pencils will slide right through. I placed my 2 slits about 2″ apart.


Slide your pencils through and voila.  You’re done!  How easy was that?  It will literally only take you a few minutes. More of course if you’re making them for the whole school.

Hope you enjoy this cute, super easy DIY.  Post a picture on Instagram or Facebook if you end up doing this.  I’d love to see the end result.  Tag @relocatedliving #relocatedlivingDIY


For printable, click here!

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