DIY: No Carve Modern Halloween Pumpkins

picture originally from my Instagram

When I saw the picture of the chalkboard pumpkins I featured in my Halloween Inspiration Board, I knew I wanted to recreate something like it, but add my own touch to it.  What I love about this project is how EASY it is.  After all the hours I put in for Big Boy’s DIY Lego Party, I really wanted a no-stress Halloween project.

For this project you will need:

1. Chalkboard Paint

2. Chalk Ink Markers

3. A Steady Hand

First apply a good even coat of paint on your clean pumpkins and let dry thoroughly.  I was impressed at how quickly this paint dries.  Since the pumpkin is not a flat surface you will need to do the painting in stages and let one section dry completely before tackling another section. Then with your chalk ink marker start writing out your message.  I wanted a chalkboard lettering look, so I took inspiration from this and this in order to create my letters. This project is all about freehand lettering, so the steady hand is really key.  If you don’t think your hand will be steady enough, I recommend going with a stencil to guide you.   I did write a couple of less than perfect letters and was so happy that the ink just wipes off with a damp cloth.  It is chalk ink after all!   Mistakes easily corrected. N-I-C-E! For the “Boo” pumpkin, I just wanted the Os to look like eyes, so I drew in iris and lashes.

The one note I’d like to make for anyone attempting this at home is that my pumpkins are just medium sized, so the shape of the pumpkin starts to curve really fast.  I was writing in what appeared to be a straight line, but as I pulled back I saw my letters were all going upwards. So when you do this, write letters one at a time and pull back after each one to make sure you are getting them in a straight line.  I think the line isn’t really straight but it’s a trick of perception that makes the letters appears straight.  So it’s a case of straight but not really.

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