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DIY Roller Shades


Remember my office Before & After? I love the space. It’s super tranquil. However, it never felt totally finished because I didn’t have a window treatment. Sound like a familiar dilemma? I felt the same way, here and here. After searching high and low to find the perfect blind I resolved to make my own. Initially I thought I would make a Roman shade, but after visiting the fabric store and falling head over heals for this Dwell Studio fabric, I decided to let the fabric dictate the terms.

As a reminder, this is what my office looked like before the shade was in:

Black and White Office Remodel Details 7

This is what it looks like with the shade:

DIY Roller Shades

The grays and black work perfectly with the space, and the strong graphic pattern really adds drama. However, upon folding the fabric to see how it might look as a Roman shade, I decided I needed to go with a simple roller shade instead. This would allow the fabric to lay flat and show off its glorious bold design.

DIY Roller Shades_04 copy

To make the blind I used supplies available from Rowley and followed their instructions. They have a very informative step-by-step how-to video which you can watch here:

Here’s another picture of my finished product.

DIY Roller Shades

Not bad for a first try!

Making it was way simpler than I thought, BUT I don’t love the weight of the plastic laminate that the fabric is adhered to. I don’t need the black out quality of the plastic laminate, so to me the added weight of this material makes the blind feel too heavy. Now that I’ve tried making a roller shade from scratch I think I might go with more of a hack approach next time, like this one from Lonny. The only caveat here is that you are limited to the size blind being sold. I custom cut the hardware with a metal grinder so that the shade would fit my window perfectly.  Here are some pics of the blind coming together:

DIY Roller Shades

So, if you want to DIY a roller shade, go right ahead.  If you need a custom size I suggest going with a system like the one available from Rowley, if your windows are standard and one of the Ikea or other off the shelf roller blinds works for you then go with a hack, it will probably cost less.

The most important outcome is that I no longer have to hunt high and low for the perfect blind; I now know I can just make one. That is a very liberating feeling.

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