In the Mood: A Proper Gentleman

via The Suits of James Bond

OK, first off, let me be clear, I do not think 007 behaves like a proper gentleman, but I do think he dresses like one.  That is the inspiration for today’s mood board for my boys’ bathroom.  I like the idea of the boys having a bathroom that is masculine, not boyish. I want the bathroom to be something that will stand the test of time.  No Lightning McQueen in this bathroom.

1. Kingston Brass with Double Handle Buckingham Cross

2. Kingston Brass Triple Handle Wall Mounted Tub and Shower Kit

3. Kohler Bellwether Tub

4. Benjamin Moore paint

5. Ariel 36″ Vantage Modern Vanity

I’ve sourced many of my fixtures from, they have a great selection of brands, products and competitive prices.  They also have fantastic customer service.  Another plus is that it remembers your shopping cart for a while.  That way, if you are like me, and need to rethink some of your choices before committing, you can play around with your shopping cart until you are perfectly happy.

I built my design around the gorgeous shower/bath fixture.  I LOVE the exposed pipes and valve.  I think it gives the fixture a more industrial feel.  The long gooseneck rain shower is the icing on the cake.  For the tub, I wanted to keep it simple, with a clean fronted apron.  Finding the right vanity, for a price I was willing to pay, was torture.  I knew I wanted a black vanity and looked at a few different designs like this and this, but none felt right until I found the one.  I’m not 100% sold on the paint color, I’ll have to match it once I get the tile.

Speaking of tile,  you know I’ve been having a hard time deciding what to do about tile.  But I’m pleased to announce that I have figured out the tile for my boys’ bathroom.  Yippee! I can cross one bathroom off my list.  The starting point was this beautiful marble vein cut tile called Asher Grey from Ann Sacks at $12.95 sq/ft.  I like the charcoal lines mixed in with lighter grays.  I actually found the same tile from a local supplier for $3 less per square foot.  But, at the end of the day, this tile is going into the BOYS bathroom, and that  means spills and splatters. Probably not the best environment for such a beautiful material.  Enter porcelain.  While I really dislike faux stone that looks printed on, I found an Italian porcelain that masterfully replicates the variations in the stone, but doesn’t require all the maintenance.

The tile I have pictured is the Re-Use Marble 12×24 field tile that I plan to use on the floor.  I found it for $7.14 sq ft from a different vendor to the one linked to here (that’s almost $6 less than the Ann Sacks, granted the Ann Sacks one is natural stone).  For the tub surround, I plan on using a standard 6×8 white ceramic tile from Home Depot at $1.44 sq/ft, with a decorative natural stone mosaic at $5.46 (for a 3″x12″ strip you actually get about 4 linear ft if you cut it into individual strips).  It too is available from Home Depot.  Originally I was thinking of doing a white tile with a dark grout, but now that I’ve found this decorative tile that matches the floor tile perfectly, I think dark grout might be overkill.  Instead, I’m thinking of doing a horizontal pinstripe effect.  It’s a subtle reference to men’s suiting.  What do you think?  Dark grout, or pinstripe, or both?  Mixing high and low, that’s how I roll.

Note: I wouldn’t normally put natural stone right next to a ceramic tile.  Natural stones tend to be cut thicker, but this one happens to be of the same thickness, so it works.

Also, when I think of the idea of a proper gentleman, I like the think that’s what my boys will grow up to be.   Big Boy is on his way there, but Monkey is more caveman than gentleman. Here’s hoping!

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