In the Mood: Sophisticated Relaxing Modern Living Room

A while back, I shared with you the inspiration for my living room redesign, a look I’m calling Sophisticated Relaxing Modern.  Since then I’ve been playing around with the floorplan and looking at furniture that I felt would capture the vibe I’m aiming for.

One of the big reasons it’s taken me a while to move on this room is: THE PIANO.  Exhibit A:

Vintage Modern Living Room Before and After

To see what the room looked like after our remodel, go here.

Moving a piano is no small task.  I’m stubborn and often believe I am stronger than I am, but moving a piano is not something I would attempt.  All the floorplans I had included our massive baby grand, which felt a bit wrong because my husband (the piano player in the house) never loved the quality of sound that this big piano produced.  So, after some discussion, we decided to bite the bullet and look for a new piano. We also determined that we could get an upright piano instead of a baby grand, one that would sound better, but would eat up less space in our new dedicated “music room”.  Basically a win-win. Go here to see my husband after he found “The Piano”.

Once the piano decision was made, things started happening including delivery of the new piano, and more importantly removal of the old piano.

Piano 1

Piano 2

Bye bye piano, you served us well. Now the fun starts and I’m also removing the old rug and getting rid of our beloved rounded loveseat to make way for my new design.  I went through a couple of different moodboard/floor plans to arrive at one that I felt hit the spot.

Relaxing Sophisticated Living Room

Sadly, the grey velvet sofa in the moodboard is only a stand in, but I couldn’t find an image that more closely matched the sofa we will be keeping.  What do you think of this new plan?



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