Inspiration: Big Boy Room Redux

Remember this room?


This was the first room reveal I did on the blog.  It feels like so long ago. In terms of kid years, it really was a long time ago.  Big Boy had just turned 6 years old and now he’s getting ready to turn 10.  He’s already 5 feet tall and knocking on the door of tweenhood.  A while back I had told him that I would redo his bedroom for his tenth birthday.  When I started seeing posts about this year’s One Room Challenge, I decided to jump start my redesign of his room by joining in this year’s fun.


Currently his room looks like this:


In preparation for the redesign I had a local charity shop pick up his dresser, his rug and his desk. Normally I would have tried to sell some of of these items on Craigslist, but honestly I’ve got too much on my plate and just had to get everything out so that I could start of this process with a blank slate. He pretty much only has a bed now.  Kinda sad, but definitely the right motivation for me to get this room redo completed.

You’re probably wondering what I have in mind.  I thought about it for a long time.  I wanted something cool, but calm and that he could easily grow with over the next few years. Also, I thought a lot about the things he does in his room 1) sleep, 2) homework, 3) video games, 4) reading.  At this point he still plays, but doesn’t need as much open floor space.  It’s more about chasing his brother down with a nerf gun. While I loved his old room it no longer suits his needs.

In terms of inspiration I’m going with Relaxing Scandinavian Surfer. These are some images that I’ve found that evoke the look and feel of what I’m going for:

Relaxing Scandivian Surfer

I’ve run the design ideas past my “client” and he likes the direction, especially the relaxing vibe. He made only one request, keep the existing paint wall color.  He likes it just the way it is.  Luckily it’s a grey that works with everything.  So, I hope you’ll follow along as I post updates of his room over the next few weeks.

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Lizzie Ravn - I love your inspiration photos. His room was super cute the first time round – can’t wait to see what you do with it this time! And that little midcentury nightstand is adorable 🙂

isadorag - Hoping it lives up to the inspiration. Fingers crossed. 🙂

Charlotte Lindsay - Great inspirational spaces! I love the all white spaces, it makes the space feel so much bigger and you can combine so many different styles of home decor with it. This room with definitely grow with him in years to come!

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