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Happy New year! I can hardly believe it’s 2014.  Like many, the new year has me thinking of turning over a new page, or at least approaching certain things differently.  A friend of mine shared a link on Facebook that had me looking at New Year’s resolutions a bit differently. Essentially, the article suggests that if you want to be successful in your resolutions, you need to see yourself differently. For instance, like many people I could stand loosing a few pounds, but this year instead of giving myself a weight goal which I never seem to achieve I’m going to see myself differently. To read the full article go here.

Goal #1: Look Pulled Together Like many mothers out there, I spend more time worrying about the well being of my kids, than my own well being.  Are they sleeping enough?  Eating well?  Getting enough fresh air?  Do they need new clothes because they are growing so fast?  I usually try to operate on whatever sleep I can get, eat whatever is easiest or most comforting, and look forward to down time in front of my computer instead of taking a brisk walk.  But I want to look like this:  4a609705aee7827b584af764a8d37426


Casual, yet pulled together.  Stylish, yet effortless.  To look like this, means I need to not dress like a slob, with the excuse of going to the playground.  It also means I need to be longer/leaner.  At 40+, I know I’m not going to grow, so it means I will have to eat healthier and exercise, to get leaner.  I will need to be more vigilant about what I eat.  Also, exercise and I have never been friends, so I’m hoping we can at least learn to tolerate each other on a regular basis.

Goal #2: Be more Organized Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not disorganized.  Some might actually call me very organized.  But the truth is that we cannot park our cars in the garage because we are using it for storage.   Remember when we had our POD delivered?  Most of the contents went straight from the container into the garage and have been sitting there for the past few months.  Not the end of the world, but hardly ideal.  Now that we’ve settled into our house, I want to not only find a place for everything, but I want everything in its place neatly.  I have visions of it looking like this:



I know that in order for it to look like this, I will need to sort and purge and probably make a few visits to the Container Store and IKEA to find the perfect organizing solutions.  This takes time, but I know that in the long run it will be worth it and everyone in the house will appreciate it. Also, I want to hang art work on the walls.

Goal # 3: Be Romantic

Hubby and I have been together for 17 years.  I love him to death. He is my best friend, my partner in life, but these days he is also “Dad” and by that same token I am “Mom”.  While I cherish what it means to be Mom and Dad to our beautiful boys, the truth is that since the arrival of our little Monkey, we have had far less time for each other.  I feel like most of our time together is with the boys.  This year I want to carve out time for my husband and I to make new memories together that do not include the boys. I don’t follow The Amazing Race, but my mother does.  So, on occasion I’ve caught a show and am always surprised at how the adventures reveal aspects of the participants personalities, and how in many cases couples are brought closer because of this.  I’m not going to jump off a train, or eat scorpions, but my theory is that by creating new memories with my husband we will further strengthen our relationship.



I don’t want to get into too many details here, as Hubby is a regular reader of the blog, but suffice it to say, efforts will be made.

I’m trying to keep my resolutions simple, but really focus on visualizing them.  Hope this works!

Did you make any resolutions?  Care to share?

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Lisa - Love your blog! Our resolutions are similar, especially the last one! Good luck on yours and I look forward to insping each other!

Lisa - Oops…inspiring…

radmin - Hi Lisa,
Thanks for dropping by. You should definitely follow along for the “Be Romantic” resolution. I’ll be posting what I’m planning as we get closer to Feb 14. Don’t want to give it away to my hubby before then. 🙂

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