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Big Boy is off on Spring Break, so we’re spending a few days in SoCal to visit friends and have some family fun in the sun. To tell you the truth besides our friends, there isn’t much from our 13 years of living in L.A. that we really miss, but there are a few things:

1) Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, because Starbucks and Peet’s just ain’t got nothing on their Ice Blendeds.

2) The predictability of the weather.  I don’t miss the heat, but I do miss being able to leave the house knowing that I have dressed appropriately for the day.  In the Bay Area I have to layer and be prepared to experience three seasons in one day.  Not always practical when getting the kids dressed for school.

The last thing I miss 3) Proximity to the beach.  OK, so when we lived in L.A. we didn’t go to the beach much.  But somehow, not having access easy access to the beach makes me want to go more. These days we can get to a nice beach within 1 1/2 hours, which granted is luckier than most, but in L.A. it took a mere 15 minutes.  Silly, I know.

So, in lieu of proximity to the beach, I’ve decided that I need to bring the beach into the house by way of something hanging on the wall like in the picture above.  I’m not really set on it having to be a photograph or a painting, just something that feels beachy and modern, without feeling cheesy.  There’s a fine line there.  Images of beaches tend towards the cliché, so you have to be very careful here.

I’ve found the following images that I would gladly hang on our walls, but the search is still on.


by Paul Ferney


by Valerie Chiang

golightly2by Lisa Golightly


by Max Wanger

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