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Last year, I made three simple resolutions and was able to stick to them for the most part. The best part was that Hubby and I got to go on some cool dates (see examples here and here) and create new memories sans kids. But the one resolution that went to the way side was: organization.



So this year, I’m keeping my resolutions even simpler and sticking to just one: organization.

As the kids get back into their school routine and the Christmas decorations get stored for another year, I’ve decided to kick off the new year with purging…extreme purging. I plan to get rid of a ton of things.  When I say “get rid”, I mean, throw, recycle, donate, sell, depending on what is most appropriate for the item, but either way, the ultimate fate of the item(s) is to no longer reside in our home.

My rules for purging are going to include:

1. If it’s broken and can’t be fixed – purge

2. If it doesn’t fit – purge

3. If no one plays with it anymore – purge

4. If I haven’t bothered to look at it in 2 years – purge

Over the years I’ve held on to some items from another time/another life with a vague notion of “what ifs”.  I’ve decided that “what ifs” are not enough anymore, and if for some reason a “what if” situation arises, I will just have to acquire something for the occasion.

I’ve already purged my closet of 15% of its contents and I feel lighter already.  Plus I’ve turned all my hangers backwards to see which items still hang the wrong way around in six months.  See here for this simple purging trick.


Just one small step, but it is just January 5.

The best part about organizing and purging is that it shifts energy. It not only changes the energy of a space because everything is put away were it belongs, but it shifts peoples’ energy too and gives them a greater sense of calm.

What are you holding on to?


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