Inspiration: Simple Summer Bucket List

Can you believe summer vacation is just around the corner?

I’ve always been a list person.  Lists keep me organized and crossing items off gives me a sense of accomplishment.  But when I see summer bucket lists that stretch a mile long like the one below, I feel tired just looking at it.

100 things summer bucket list


To me summer is about relaxing, spending extra quality time with your loved ones, enjoying the outdoors and hopefully making nice memories.  My personal feeling is that if you try to cram too much in, you won’t really take the time to savor any of it.  So, I’ve come up with my simple summer bucket list and it looks like this:

Summer Bucket List

1) A family picnic in a picturesque setting

2) A visit to a fun water park

3) Going to a drive-in movie theater before they are all extinct

4) Exploring the creatures you can find in a tide pool

5) Stargazing on clear night

6) Eating ice cream at every opportunity

I’m sure we’ll do more things than are on this list, but I like the simplicity of this list.  It’s really about spending time together, don’t you think?

Images via: Picnic here, water slide here, drive in here, starfish here, stargazing here, ice cream here.

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