Interior Inspiration: Starting Small

The first room I started to tackle, at least mentally, is also the smallest room in the house.  It’s the main floor powder room.

I’ve always loved the apothecary sink from Pottery Barn but have never felt it was for me, because of the lack of storage.  However, with a half bath, something we’ve never had in our previous homes, I feel it’s the perfect opportunity to embrace the clean, spare aesthetic.  After all a half bath is intended to be passed through, not lingered in.  That said, I don’t want the space to feel like it was an after thought just because it isn’t one of the main bathrooms.  So for a small bathroom, that doesn’t require tons of storage, I think the apothecary sink is perfect.  Plus it is quite elegant and will help to elevate this small room’s design. My plan is to make every design decision in this little room revolve around my choice of sink.

But wouldn’t you know it, the sink is no longer available from Pottery Barn.  Not that I would have bought it.  I remember it costing upwards of $1500 just for a sink.  I need to spend the remodel dollars wisely and make every dollar count and unfortunately much of the budget is going towards what goes on behind the walls, e.g. modern wiring, proper energy efficient insulation, re-plumbing and much much more.  That stuff ain’t sexy, but it sure will make the house function a lot better.  So dollars spent on “pretty stuff” will have to be spent with a lot of give and take between rooms. Read, I need to make the most of every sale, coupon, discount under the sun.

But in the meanwhile, here are some great inspiration photographs using sinks in the same style (a.k.a sink consoles).

via Better Homes and Gardens

via Apartment Therapy

via Pottery Barn

via The Architecture Blog
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