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I like to think of myself as a fairly decisive person, especially when it comes to design.  I know what I like and don’t like and I go from there.  But choosing the tile for our three and a half bathrooms and one kitchen is proving to be my Achilles heel.  I like so many tiles and patterns that I’m finding it difficult to narrow down my choices.  Should I do ceramic?  Should I do porcelain?  Should I do stone? Should I do glass?  Too many choices.  As a result when I go to sleep at night, I feel like I’m playing a game of Tetris with tile, trying to figure out which patterns go together.

My first preference is for natural stone.  I love it’s timelessness, but I don’t love the maintenance required, plus it is the most costly of the materials.

via Andrika King

I think ceramic tile can be really gorgeous and I love how many different types of tiles are available from standard field tiles, to trim tiles. Plus when done right, the richness of the glaze can be truly breathtaking.

via Bonnie Tsang

I also like porcelain and glass tile.  I especially like their durability (an important consideration with two growing boys).  The applications can be really stunning, although they often tend to have a more modern feel.

via 346 Living

via Houzz

If price were no object I’d happily pick up all my tiles at Ann Sacks, or Waterworks, or Walker Zanger, or even Heath Ceramics since ours is a mid-century home.  But alas, budget rules, so during my mental tile Tetris, I’m trying to come up with an interesting pattern, while also trying to strike the right balance between high and low materials.

Here are some gorgeous tiles that I am lusting after:

1. Walker Zanger – Marquis Pattern Octagon Field

2. Waterworks – Signet parquet solid mosaic

3. Ann Sacks – large herringbone mosaic in Carrara marble

4. Heath Ceramics – ceramic half hex stack

So far, I have visited seven, yes seven, tile showrooms/warehouses and countless online tile retailers to compare prices, designs, etc and have collected a ton of tile samples to aid my indecision.  Below is the current state of affairs, which is very illustrative of how my head feels about my tile choices.

I would like LOVE to know your thoughts, experiences, preferences on tile.

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Julie - Isadora,
. Loved combing through your blog just now. I’m excited to see your home once its finished.

Keith - I am having the same design dilemma. But I’ve narrowed down to 2 basic colors and styles at this point after getting numerous (and still coming) tile samples.

My palette is fairly modern (a new modern house) and the colors are gray, white, off-white, very pale blue and very very very pale green/aqua. The feeling I’m wanting is modern/seaside/beach.

Something I’m designing right now is a tetris-like design with two very subtle contrast square tiles, almost the same color but not quite. I was looking for 12 x 12 tiles with a design system that would allow for endless variation, but they don’t make it, so I figure with two 6×6 tile colors I could do the same thing. My problem with most “tetris” designs I’ve seen online is the fact that they are WAY too contrasty and way too colorful. I want the wall to be something that blends in, not screams at you when you walk into the room. This would be for behind a wood stove, almost like a backsplash, but would go all the way up to the cathedral ceiling, very narrow and long, vertical. I want it to have longevity, so am thinking satin or matte finish, again, the key word is subtle. Still working on a design here, so no picture yet.

isadorag - hi Keith,
thanks for dropping by. I would have replied sooner but have been in the middle of moving hell. Thanks for your comment. Would love to see what pattern you come up with. Maybe you can posted to the ReLocated Living FB page once you are done.

NIcole Calloway - Hi Isadora,
Where did you find the carrerra looking tile in the second picture? I love you. You did a beautiful job.

isadorag - I believe it’s from Waterworks.

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