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I recently had the honor of having our Ikea Kitchen remodel featured on House Tweaking.  It’s one of my favorite blogs, ever, and was recently voted one of the top DIY blogs by Domino magazine.  I can only dream of this little blog one day attaining that level of expertise. Dana’s readers seemed to like what I’ve done with our kitchen and a few asked if I could provided a cost breakdown.  When I was doing our kitchen remodel, I wasn’t budgeting per room since I was redoing the whole house in one go.  However, for the readers’ sake I’ve gone back and pulled together numbers that might be helpful.

Ikea cabinets                    $5,300

Quartz Countertop                $2,900

Marble Mosaic                    $525  ($10.50 sq/ft for 50 sq/ft)

Frigidaire 27″ Sink              $500

Hansgrohe Faucet                 $435

Industrial Globe Pendants   $387 ($129 ea, needed 3)

Hickory Hardware 5″ Pulls  $92 ($5.75ea, needed 16)

Hickory Hardware Knobs    $114 ($4.55ea, needed 25)

LG Dishwasher                    $650

LG Counter Depth Fridge       $2,800

Broan 36″ Canopy Hood         $640

Verona 36″ 5 Burner Range    $2,500

Frigidaire Microwave         $100

Installation                 $2,700

TOTAL                $19,643**

When I added up all these numbers for the first time I was actually quite proud that I managed to pull of the look of this kitchen for just under $20k.  I really stretched every dollar I could buying the kitchen cabinets and counters during Ikea’s famous kitchen sale (though we only benefitted from 15% off, rather than the 20% off they are giving away these days).  Plus I bought ALL the appliances during the post-Thanksgiving cyber Monday sale at AJ Madison.  The added bonus on the appliances was free shipping and no tax, which also saved us a bundle.

I didn’t think I would be able to break out the installation cost, but I found an email exchange where I quoted the bid amount to my Hubby. Mind you, a $2700 install does not include the demo, rough-ins and electrical work that were needed in order to get the space ready for a new kitchen. The number was just for the install, but the Ikea installers were WAY more.

Let me know what you think? Do you think I spent wisely?  I think that one of the biggest bangs I got for my buck was the marble mosaic backsplash.  While $10.50 sq/ft is not cheap, I did not need that many sq/ft and it makes a huge impact.  Also, I still have quite a few left over tiles, since you always buy a little bit more, just in case.  The kitchen really is the heart of the home.  It gets such heavy use, everyday, so when spending, I tried to be careful, not frugal as I want this to be a space we can enjoy for years to come.  Hope this helps other would be Ikea Kitchen remodelers out there.

**Note that numbers were rounded, also tax & shipping were not included for the purposes of this calculation, though in most cases I got free shipping.

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Melissa - Your kitchen reno is FAB. We are likely going to redo ours with Ikea cabinets next year. Did you use someone to create the layout for you, or did you schlep away on the Ikea kitchen program?

isadorag - Hey Melissa,

I planned out the layout but I did double check it with Ikea, to make sure that how I was planning to use the components would work. At the end of the day, they are the experts on the their product. Ikea didn’t recommend doing a blind corner to accommodate my glass fronted cabinets but I felt strongly that I wanted the cabinets in that spot and didn’t want an angled corner cabinet. Ikea is big on maximizing space, so going with a blind corner for aesthetics would not have been their first choice, but for me, it was the right choice. Also, if you look on the full kitchen remodel post: you will see how I chose to customize the pantry cabinets to find my design ideas. Also I used toe kick and crown to fill the gap between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling… I hate having a space that just gathers dust and NEVER gets cleaned. I’d much rather seal it off. So, when you have strong ideas/opinions like I often do 🙂 it’s probably best to design it yourself. Since you will be remodel your kitchen next year you will be using the new kitchen system they are introducing in Feb 2015. I hear it’s going to be exciting and more modular!
Good luck.

Dawn Mihalov - Love the kitchen! I noticed the Verona range and I’m wondering if you can comment about it now that you have been using for a while. I’m considering the purchase of Verona but finding it very hard to find reviews. Thanks!

Colby - My wife and i are currently going the through the design/layout process of our kitchen that looks very similar in shape. Do you know off hand what your dimensions were for the kitchen? I would love to know how long your bar ended up being from the wall.

isadorag - Hi Colby,
If you check the comments on my original kitchen post, see here: Another reader asked me about the dimension of our kitchen, which is approx 11’x 13′. Our Bar? I’m assuming you mean the part of the counter that extends into the adjacent room. That part extends about 15″ into the other room.
Good luck with your remodel.

isadorag - Hi Dawn,
Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I somehow missed this comment. We’ve been happy with the Verona. Looks great and has been working well. It has high BTU so it took a while to get used to cooking on such powerful components, but we’re good now. One word of advice. Watch your food 🙂 The only feature I wish it had was a self-cleaning feature which our previous range had. But I knew when I was buying it that it didn’t have that feature. I wanted the design and power, and I got it.
Hope this helps.

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Liz - I absolutley love your kitchen. This is my dream kitchen! Where did you get the marble mosaic backsplash at?

isadorag - Hi Liz,
Thanks for the compliment. The marble mosaic is a stacked 1″x3″ honed arabescato marble mosaic. I saw some online but ended up going to a local tile guy. He didn’t carry any in stock, but he looked contacted his suppliers and located some for me. If this mosaic is something you really want (like I did) find a tile shop where they will go the extra mile and procure it for you. Some bigger tile places may not put in the extra effort to win your business.
Hope this helps. Good luck.

Jane - Hi Isadora

I loveee your kitchen. Just wondering if you could refer us to your Ikea cabinet installer. We will be renovating our kitchen very soon with IKEA cabinets and we live in san jose,ca.



isadorag - Hi Jane,

I’ll send you a PM. Nice to hear that you like my kitchen.


Shawna Gustafson - Love your kitchen!! What style of cabinets did you chose from Ikea?


isadorag - The kitchen door style has been discontinued since it was part of the old Ikea kitchen system.

Nicole - Hey, love your Reno! I was curious what door style that is? It looks white (which I love) and I can’t seem to find that style in white, they call it off white.


isadorag - Hi Nicole,
They no longer make this line. It was the Ramsjo, back when the interior boxes were from the Akrum line. I think the closest thing they have these days in the Grimslov.
Good luck,

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