Interior: The Dark Side

Ask anyone who has known me a long time and I have always had an affinity for black.  I remember being 13 years old and being tempted to paint the trim in my bedroom black.  Ultimately, I decided that white would work better with my Dove Gray walls.  Did I mention that my older brother was really into Miami Vice and chose to paint his room in Flamingo Pink?  This is statement is totally dating me, but it was a bold choice that also highlights how colors can be part of a fad. Black on the other hand will usually stand the test of time, it just depends how you use it.

Over the years I’ve used it as an exterior paint color, as a cabinet color, as an interior paint color and as a trim color.  It goes pretty much everywhere, you just have to be thoughtful about what you pair it with. You’d think that black is black, and it’s not hard finding the right one, since black is the absence of color.  You’d be right when you are thinking of the color spectrum, but when it comes to paint you are still dealing with pigments and not all black paints are created equal.  Since I haven’t done a paint post in ages, I thought I’d share 4 of my favorite blacks:

Favorite Black Paints


**As with all paints,  I recommend trying out a sample so that you can see how the paint reads depending on the quality of light in your home.

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