Interior: The Plan

I love the saying, “You don’t plan to fail.  You fail to plan.”  When it comes to renovating a whole house that’s over 3,000 sq ft, planning is even more crucial. When we first visited the house, I immediately went home and sketched out the existing floor plan, then started manipulating the floor plan to see where we could change things in order to create the kind of living space best suited to our family.  Once I was happy with how to alter the space, I used a free online room planner, in order to make a cleaner version.  I then handed over my plans to our architect so that she could draft out a professional version that we could submit for permits.

Here are what my floorplans for Before & After looked like, so that you can get a clearer idea of how the house flows and the spaces relate to each other.

Upper Level - Before

Upper Level - After

On this floor the big changes happened in the master suite.  We doubled the size of our master bedroom and bathroom so we could achieve this:

Elegant Master Bedroom

This also meant we lost our fourth bedroom.

Main Level - Before

Main Level - After

The main level saw a lot of action.  This is the floor where we took down several walls to really create an modern open floor plan.  To see the panoramic view of what the space looked like once we took down the walls go here.  We also, opened up the kitchen and closed up window and created an inviting living room.

Vintage Modern Living Room Before and After

But since our kids are still young we converted the sunroom to a playroom.

ReLocatedLiving_Playroom_BeforeAfter_07 copy

Eventually, when we don’t need to keep a close eye on the boys we will change the room back to grown up space.  But for now it suits our needs well.  Though containing the toys is a daily battle.

Lower Level - Before

Lower Level - After

The lower level was completely the opposite. It was already open. In fact it was too open because it had been a dance studio. To see it in its full original glory, go here. Instead we carved out a bedroom suite complete with bathroom and walk in closet for my mother who lives with us. Hello fourth bedroom!  Way better than the original fourth bedroom, plus we still have a HUGE family room and unexpectedly gained a mini-gym, while converting the changing rooms into a lovely home office.

Black and White Office Remodel 2

I love it when a plan comes together.

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