Interior: The Way We Were

When I talk about The Way We Were, I’m not talking about the classic film with Streisand and Redford, but rather I’m talking about the house.

I don’t think you can fully appreciate the extent of the renovation we just completed, without first taking a moment to acknowledge the what the house once looked like.  So, I thought, I would do a short series of posts giving you a little house tour, to show you what the house looked like when we first bought it.

First up on the tour, the Dance Studio.  Yep, we bought a house with a dance studio!  Our realtor suggested that it was likely that over the last few decades many of the little girls in the neighborhood probably took classes in this studio.  Here it is, in all its glory, complete with colored lights for the recitals and changing rooms for getting ready.  Of course, there are the obligatory wall to wall mirrors and barres.  Nice, right?

Recently we had some friends over, among which the American cousin of my French cousin’s wife.  So, she’s kinda my cousin through marriage. She and her husband had recently moved back to the area after a decade of living in Paris.  As she walked through the house, she felt it was familiar.  The funny thing is, while I knew many little girls had likely taken classes in this space, I never anticipated I would meet one… Let alone be related to one.  Turns out she had taken ballet class in our house for over ten years.  Talk about deja vu!

This last picture is of some of the little girls’ names, along with their height.  Turns out my “cousin’s” name was on one of our walls. 🙂


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