Interiors: Loosing my Addiction

I’ve been working hard on trying to find a place for everything in the new house, so I’ve been reluctant to have our PODS delivered to us.  I knew that it contained stuff that we had happily lived without for the last year, so I didn’t really want that stuff to invade our new space and unsettle everything again.  But my hubby, being the financial responsible guy I know and love, nagged me until I capitulated to the reality it was costing us a pretty penny to keep all our shit stuff in storage.  The PODS got delivered about 10 days ago, and while it took us weeks to pack it up, it took us less than a day to unload it.

Now that our stuff has come out of storage I have had to confront a truth about myself.  I am addicted to chairs.  I’ve heard that the first step in coming to terms with an addiction is to first come clean about it. My husband pointed out my weakness to me long ago, but being told is very different from admitting it to yourself.  So, after unloading the PODS, I decided to take stock of my chair situation.

Chairs are to me what shoes and handbags are to many women.  I like chairs for their sculptural beauty and functionality.  Every chair has personality and tells a different story. Perhaps when you see them like this, you will, like me, appreciate that they all have different lines and styles.   I’ve always found room for one more chair, because for the most part the chairs were purchased inexpensively at a flea market or thrift shop. But to be completely honest, many of these come in multiples, so the sheer number of chairs starts to be significant.

I have promised my beloved hubby that I will be downsizing the collection and selling some on Craigslist.  In fact there’s a gorgeous pair of mid century slipper chairs that are not picture here because I already sold them…


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Anna - I have to admit, you have great taste in chairs. So bummed you’ll have to part with some, but hopefully they’ll find great, new homes.

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