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Do you like data?  Well my husband loves data.  He likes to look at it, analyze it, figure out what makes it tick.  So going on a date to see Nate Silver may not be everyone’s idea of a dream date, but for us it was super fun.  If you don’t know Nate Silver, he’s the guy who famously predicted both of the recent presidential elections, getting all states right.  Some say he’s the guy that made data sexy.  I would argue that. My hubby makes data sexy.

Back in January when I was concocting my plans for our Year of Dates, I checked out Cal Performances.  When you have a university of UC Berkeley‘s caliber in your backyard, you know you should try to take advantage of the cultural experiences it has to offer.  When I saw that Nate Silver was giving a lecture, I knew I had a winner.  Our date would consist of going to the lecture, then strolling to a local cafe for coffee and a pastry to absorb the local student energy, and perhaps flashback for a few minutes to the day that we were college students.

coffee and cake

The lecture was fun.  For what could be a dry subject for someone like me that doesn’t get hot and bothered by pivot tables, Silver was really able to make data come alive.  It was also nice to get my gray matter working in ways it doesn’t usually.  After the lecture we found cafe with an outdoor table and had our cake.  While sitting there and reminiscing, we couldn’t help but overhear some of the conversations, some about lectures, the other about boys and girls… Ah to be young.  However, we quickly concluded that we’d rather be our age.

Have you gone on any unusual dates?

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