ORC: Relaxing Scandinavian Surfer – Week 3

JAGS Progress 1

It’s week 3 of the One Room Challenge and as you can see from the photo above, we have some progress happening. I got the rug and chair and love them both. What’s even better is the chair with it’s clean Scandinavian inspired lines is super comfy and it has quickly become my son’s favorite spot. The rug has a mix of blues and beiges in a flat weave; the perfect color combo for the relaxed surfer vibe I’m going for. We’ve also hung the new bamboo blinds. In my head I always envisioned the chair would sit by the window so that he’d have natural light flooding in while he sits in his chair, plus the trees outside make you forget you’re in the middle of Oakland. It’s not quite surfing waves, but at least it’s nature. So far, so good.

Now comes the rest of the room. As a reminder below is the room’s layout before, but now that the chair has moved to the prime spot near the windows, everything else needs to get shuffled around. You can see how the room used to look like with old layout by going here.Layout Before

The first option is to keep the bed where it is and just swap out the dresser for his new desk. Not bad, but I feel there’s too much open floor space, which is not in itself a bad thing, but since he’s a tween and doesn’t play on the floor much, it feels like a waste.

Floorplan 1

Option 2 involves a little more shuffling around, which I like because it changes the energy of the room. I like this option because furniture isn’t stuck to the edge of the room. However, when my son looked at the plan he told me he doesn’t want to walk into the room and look at his desk first thing. It makes him think about homework. Plus, I don’t love the feng shui of him having his back to the door.  Back to the drawing board.Floorplan 2

When my clients express a need, or wish, I listen and try to find a solution between function, design and their wishes, even if my client happens to be my own son. But honestly for a while I was stumped with his bedroom. Then a couple of nights ago, before going to sleep I started playing around with furniture in my head and I came up with Option 3. This option orients the bed in a different direction, whereby he’ll be able to look out the window when he’s lying down. Also, the desk isn’t glued to the wall and it gives him an opportunity to look out the window, without the glare of the sun falling directly on his homework. Perfect! The only thing now is that the bookcase I originally picked in my moodboard doesn’t feel like the right fit anymore. The bookcase needs more height and my vision for how the artwork would be hung will likely have to change. You can have a plan and a vision, but I think you always need to retain a certain amount of flexibility to work things out down the line.

Floorplan 3

Option 3 also feels more social should he have a couple of friends over hanging out.

Still much to be done. Click here if you want to catch up on my Week 1 ORC Inspiration, or my Week 2 ORC moodboard.  See you next week.


yasmara - I love that you’re treating your son like you would a client! Meanwhile, my son has asked for a gray bedroom for 3 years…he finally got one when we put our last house on the market & enjoyed it for 3 months & now he has a blue room. We should have painted before the furniture was moved in but we moved during the year-round school year in our new town & the kids literally had to get up for school the next day so we wanted their rooms to be as chaos-free as possible. But I’m regretting not painting his room the 2 days we could have before the movers came! I was dealing with a major foot injury at the time, though, so it really wasn’t possible.

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ORC: Relaxing Scandinavian Surfer Tween Room – Week 2

Relaxing Scandinavian Surfer Tween Bedroom


Last week I decided to kick start Big Boy’s room redesign by joining the One Room Challenge.  Honestly these last few weeks I’ve been feeling a little down because of my accident.  Forcing myself to focus on redesigning his room has provided me with something fun to focus on. Week Two is underway, so I present to you my mood board for the room. You can see the influence my inspiration pics had, by helping me narrow down on the feel and mood of the room.  The key furniture pieces in this room include a bed for sleeping, a desk for homework, and a chair + bookshelf for reading. Style wise I’m going with clean Scandinavian lines, but I want the wood to be lighter than in his last room, not the dark walnut like his last desk and nightstand.  Also, I’m planning to add plants.  I think they have a really calming effect. While my son is not agitated, he is sensitive and seems to get easily distracted. In terms of color story, I’m going with blues, greens, sand and grey.  Basically colors you would easily find at the beach. I’m hoping the relaxing vibe of this room while help to create the right environment for him to blossom into tweenhood.



BTW- have you seen the projects being tackled by House of Brinson and Erica Reitman?  They’re definitely tackling big projects with hand painted wall paper, and multiple rooms going on.  I’m kinda glad that for me, this project is more of a decoration project than a full on construction project. I have enough of that going on at the Farmhaus. For this project, I can just focus on making it pretty. 🙂

Here are sources for some of the items I’m considering: wall hanging | armchair | bookcase | flushmount | bamboo blinds | bed | mudcloth pillow | rug | desk chair | desk | sheets

Time to start shopping.

Morgane - it is a cool concept! from the tittle I could not see it, but after looking at your inspiration board, I totally get it. Best of luck with your client!

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Celebrate: Cool Pokemon Party Inspiration

Modern Pokemon Party Inspiration

Our little Monkey is turning six.  Not so little anymore.  Like many kids he’s fully jumped on to the Pokemon Go craze.  So I thought it would make a great theme for his upcoming birthday.  It’s fun, it’s colorful and I’m sure we can figure out a bunch of activities around the theme.  In keeping with my personal preferences, I’m going for a clean, modern, not too gimmicky interpretation of the theme, using color to bring things to life, with touches of Pokemon references scattered throughout.  This is the mood board I’m working with.  Time to start pulling it together.

Clockwise 1 | 2| 3| 4 | 5 | 6

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Inspiration: Big Boy Room Redux

Remember this room?


This was the first room reveal I did on the blog.  It feels like so long ago. In terms of kid years, it really was a long time ago.  Big Boy had just turned 6 years old and now he’s getting ready to turn 10.  He’s already 5 feet tall and knocking on the door of tweenhood.  A while back I had told him that I would redo his bedroom for his tenth birthday.  When I started seeing posts about this year’s One Room Challenge, I decided to jump start my redesign of his room by joining in this year’s fun.


Currently his room looks like this:


In preparation for the redesign I had a local charity shop pick up his dresser, his rug and his desk. Normally I would have tried to sell some of of these items on Craigslist, but honestly I’ve got too much on my plate and just had to get everything out so that I could start of this process with a blank slate. He pretty much only has a bed now.  Kinda sad, but definitely the right motivation for me to get this room redo completed.

You’re probably wondering what I have in mind.  I thought about it for a long time.  I wanted something cool, but calm and that he could easily grow with over the next few years. Also, I thought a lot about the things he does in his room 1) sleep, 2) homework, 3) video games, 4) reading.  At this point he still plays, but doesn’t need as much open floor space.  It’s more about chasing his brother down with a nerf gun. While I loved his old room it no longer suits his needs.

In terms of inspiration I’m going with Relaxing Scandinavian Surfer. These are some images that I’ve found that evoke the look and feel of what I’m going for:

Relaxing Scandivian Surfer

I’ve run the design ideas past my “client” and he likes the direction, especially the relaxing vibe. He made only one request, keep the existing paint wall color.  He likes it just the way it is.  Luckily it’s a grey that works with everything.  So, I hope you’ll follow along as I post updates of his room over the next few weeks.

Lizzie Ravn - I love your inspiration photos. His room was super cute the first time round – can’t wait to see what you do with it this time! And that little midcentury nightstand is adorable 🙂

isadorag - Hoping it lives up to the inspiration. Fingers crossed. 🙂

Charlotte Lindsay - Great inspirational spaces! I love the all white spaces, it makes the space feel so much bigger and you can combine so many different styles of home decor with it. This room with definitely grow with him in years to come!

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Celebrate: Pretty in Pink a Modern Easter Brunch

Do you remember the movie Pretty in Pink? Maybe you’re too young, or too old to remember, but for girls growing up in the 1980s, Molly Ringwald‘s coming of age movies were woven into the fabric of our own adolescence.

Modern Pink Easter Brunch_1

Today, when I think pink, I’m almost always reminded of Molly Ringwald’s movie and how she made a herself a prom dress from something she thrifted.  But with two young boys in the house I don’t often get to indulge pink fantasies. This year I’m in the mood for pink and Easter seems like the perfect opportunity to express that. The color’s optimistic and feminine qualities are speaking to me. The thing with pink is it can easily go too sweet or too girly, so I find that it’s a question of choosing just the right pink, and keeping it as a pop of color rather than covering your whole house in pink.  In the case of my Pretty in Pink Easter Brunch mood board, the pink is balanced out by a lot of white and complementary greens and greys.  This way it stays feminine, but with a sophisticate touch.  Can you even believe Easter is just around the corner? Where does time fly?

Image source clockwise 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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