Construction: Progress Report 4

This week’s progress report is all about finish.  Not as in “the remodel is finished”, but as in “surface finishes”.  Yes folks, we are at that point.  The walls are all up, mudded sanded, etc, so that means we can move on to some of the more fun stuff, like tiles.  Here is a quick hint of things to come in the various bathrooms.  I couldn’t do much better than that as much of the floor surfaces were covered up with protective paper so as to not damage the tiles underneath when they started painting the ceilings, etc.

See how much wall surfaces I’ve had to cover with tile?  I think it fully illustrates why I had to manage costs by using inexpensive white tile from Home Depot.  If I had let myself get carried away, the tile bill would have been astronomical for all those square feet.  Too bad most of the floors were covered for these pictures, because that’s where the nice tiles are.  You’ll just have to wait for a reveal.  In the meanwhile, do take a note of the fastidious tile job.  Can you see how in the corners the tiles break evenly for a balanced flow?  Nice!

Above, are pictures of the sunroom, that you’ve seen before.  It now has new wood floors instead of a nasty carpet over plywood.  They had to go to extra lengths to match the old floor in the adjacent dining room, as the wood has a random strip pattern much like what can be found in some mosaic tile patterns.  They had to use 3 inch, 4 inch and 5 inch wood planks just to make the new floors blend in with the old.  Once the old floors are sanded and both floors are stained, doubt anyone will be able to tell the difference.

I’d say tile is 3/4 done.  Floors are 2/3 done.  They’ve also started on painting ceilings and walls and installing electrical trim on the switches and outlets. Baseboard trim and interior window trim is on its way.  Exterior window trim has also begun.

Too many things going on at the moment, including the kitchen install which I alluded to in my instagram feed.  Follow my instagram to see some of the little details as they come along that I simply don’t have time to write about in a full post.

It’s crazy at the house.  It’s ALL happening at once.


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Construction: Open Sesame

I’ve always had every intention of reusing the original doors (see picture above).  They are solid wood with clean, simple lines just the way I like them.  However, my contractor and my hubby got talking and now it seems we are in the market for new interior doors because a) it will take too long to refinish the doors to make them match the quality of finish that now exists in the house, and b) some of the doors are warped and some openings are new, so we need some new doors anyway and it would be difficult to match the old with the new.

I have never had to look into the cost of doors, but the door I like best cost a lot of money, multiply that by 20 doors and we have ourselves a little fortune spent on doors that I never thought needed replacing.  Argh. So, I’m trying to figure out what the most “economical” door options are, that still work with the house.

The cheapest doors from Home Depot are these:

But the six panel look is not appropriate for the look of our house.  The style is too traditional.

Another option would be this:

It’s  flat panel door, so it’s definitely more contemporary. But it’s so flat, it’s kinda boring.  Both come in at about $50 per door, excluding hardware.

My preference is for this look:

The panels are a bit traditional, but by keeping the the lines horizontal the door is a bit more contemporary looking.  This one comes in at $88.  My fear with this design is that in a hallway with multiple doors next to each other, this look might get too busy.  What all three have in common is that they are hollow core.  🙁 Me no like hollow core, when my old doors were solid wood.

I’ve been looking at this door:

I like the look.  Clean, but with just enough detail. But I can’t for the life of me get a quote.  I’ve called Masonite, the makers of the door.  Was on hold forever, then they were unable to help me, so they directed me to my local Lowe’s.  Call them and they don’t know their heads from their tails on this one.  Ask for anything besides a six panel door and it’s a maze.

I’m thinking that maybe my best bet is to get a smooth, solid door and DIY some detail on to it.  Something like what you see here. What do you think about my options?

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Vintage Finds: Mad Men Style

So, I haven’t had a chance to go thrifting much, but a few weeks ago when my mother was at the hospital I discovered a little whole in the wall shop that sells mostly vintage photographs. I was parked near the shop when visiting my mother, so on the way out, I stopped in for a quick browse.  The shop was definitely not organized a mess, but if you were willing to dig, there were treasures to be found.

We have lots of wall space that needs covering.  I love original art and we are fortunate to have a few really beautiful pieces, but until our budget can handle that kind of investment, I’m looking for creative solutions to bring life to our walls.

This is what I found and paid a whopping $12 for all these pieces!  First off, I selected cool retro car ads with vibrant colors.  These were originally from LIFE magazine and such.  Our Big Boy loves cars  so I think these will look great in his room.   I imagine a Don Draper-esque character coming up with these Mad Men style campaigns.

More cars, also for Big Boy’s room.  I like to vary the media and they will also be framed differently.

Another Mad Men like ad campaign, this one for Listerine.  It’s a cheeky ad that I’m thinking of hanging in the half bath.

A vintage print and a vintage photograph, both with a fishing theme.  I hadn’t noticed the theme until I grouped them together for this photograph and now that I see it, I think they might be suited for the new family room.

More vintage photographs, but these are more “art”.  Not sure where I might use them, but I like them.

Lastly, vintage travel brochures.  They had a couple of boxes of them, all with cool retro graphics. I choose these two because they speak to where I’m from.

Not bad for $12?  The funny things is framing these pieces will cost a lot more than $12. Will have to look around for cheap frames or wait for the Aaron Brothers semi annual 1 cent sale.

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Retail Therapy: Outdoor Living – 1

The weather in the Bay Area has been superb these last few days and it has had me dreaming of relaxing in our soon to be new backyard.  Truth be told, once we move in there will be a lot a TON of work to do on the landscaping and the pool area, but I still think we should be able to get a table and some chairs to enjoy eating al fresco.  Eating outdoors is one of the things we have missed most about our old house.  So, I’ve been looking around for cool, modern, yet affordable solutions for outdoor living.

Here are my favorite modern chairs.  As you know, I love chairs, so here’s a new excuse for me to lust after chairs.

1. Bend Chair from West Elm 2. Hogsten Chair from Ikea 3. Roxo Chair from Ikea 4. Ixtapa Chair from CB2  5. Kruger Chair from Crate and Barrel

Here are my favorite modern outdoor dining sets for enjoying summer barbecues.

1. Falster Dining Set from Ikea 2. Dexter Outdoor Dining Collection from West Elm  3. Santa Rosa Dining Set from Home Depot 4. Threshold Edgebrook Dining Set from Target 5. Venice Outdoor Furniture Collection from Cost Plus World Market


Do you have a favorite?


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Construction: A New Perspective

Want to keep this post short and sweet.  Unlike my Progress Reports, in this post I want to give you a sense of how the space flows and also give you as sense of how things related to each other.  So, using my new iPhone 5 (I dropped my beloved iPhone 4 a few days ago while picking up tile and completely shattered the screen) and using the PhotoSynth App, that allows you to stitch together several images to create one panoramic image, I took a few pics of the main floor.

Here is a view of the main floor, standing in the kitchen.  You can see the breakfast nook, and that right next to it is the sunroom (which will be used as a playroom while the kids are still young, so I can keep my eyes on the boys while prepping food). The sunroom is right next to the dining room, which is connected to the living room.  Talk about modern open plan living!  You can see clear across most of the main floor thanks to all the walls we took down.

This next image is also of the main floor, but taken from the entrance of the house.  So, this is essentially the view you get upon entering.

This last picture is of the kitchen and breakfast nook and is taken from the dining area.  This gives you an idea of the space we are working with for the kitchen.  By modern standards, the kitchen is by no means large.  We couldn’t fit an island because an island needs enough space all around for people to walk while still giving us sufficient storage, so we compromised with a peninsula.

Was this helpful?  Did this give you a better sense of the space?

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