Construction: Progress Report 3

I’m happy to report that things have really been moving along since my last Progress Report. The upper level is fully drywalled, mudded and primed.  Primed not once, but twice to smooth out any imperfections.  The latter was not my call, I would have been happy with one coat of primer, but the lead finisher on the job is being a perfectionist.  I’m not going to complain about someone who takes pride in his work and wants to deliver a flawless end product.  The primed walls feel like silk. I’m not exaggerating… SILK!  The picture above is of the master bedroom, seen at different stages of the process and in different light conditions, from very sunny to overcast.

The main level has also been drywalled and mudded.  It’s going to get primed this week.  As you can see in the picture above of the sunroom, the spaces is really taking shape.

In the picture above you get a to peek at the breakfast nook, as it once was and in its current state. I love that we are going to have a breakfast nook in the kitchen.  It’s so perfect with kids.

Above is a view of the master bathroom, which I showed you before when it was just being framed.  In the progress shot you can see what our new shower is starting to look like.  The big difference in this room is not only change of size and scale, but also the way we changed the windows and added a skylight to bathe the shower in natural light.  I LOVE our new skylight it makes a huge difference.

Last but not least is a view of the boys’ bathroom.  It once was a sea of turquoise and salmon ceramic, and is slowly being transformed into a masculine retreat.  As you can see, tiling is well underway.  The guys installing the tile are being very meticulous and the results are SUPER.  I love the way the tile looks.  The pattern looks exactly the way I had envisioned it in my mind and in my moodboard, though my contractor freely admitted that when I first told him what I wanted to do with the tile, he didn’t think it would look good.  Ye of little faith.

Anyway, I’m super excited and am going to start getting quotes from movers.  Yippee.  The end of the construction is in sight, but once we move in, a whole new set of challenges begins as I work to design each room.  After all this effort, I’m not just going to throw some furniture into the space and call it a day.


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Vintage Finds: 1001 Nights

These last few weeks, I haven’t had much time for anything besides taking care of my family and making sure that the house is progressing as  planned.  So, I haven’t had much time to go treasure hunting.  In fact, I’m experiencing some serious withdrawal symptoms.  That said, last week between dropping off Big Boy at school and taking Monkey for Mommy and Me swimming lessons at our local YMCA, I managed to sneak in 30 minutes of thrifting.  The result: this gorgeous vintage brass pendant.

I love that it’s a) vintage, b) reminiscent of Moroccan lighting so the light shining through the small holes will be magical, c) brass.  The iPhone photos don’t do it justice.  Also, you can’t tell in these pictures that the pendant is about 20 inches in diameter. Why was it free you ask?  Did I luck out and pick someone’s discarded trash?  Technically the pendant would have cost $60, but since I had a store credit with the store from recycling house stuff that would have otherwise been trash, I got to pay nothing. NICE.

I’m still wondering where this beauty is going to reside. I’m sure that once we move into the house, it will speak to me.  In the meanwhile, I’m just hoping I get to go treasure hunting again soon.

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Celebrate: A Modern Adult Easter Party

Ever since the birth of my Big Boy, the celebrations at our home have tended to center around kids.  This year for my Easter inspiration board, I wanted it to feel more adult.  In Los Angeles, we hosted numerous Easter egg hunts and I would always manage some DIY projects, see here.  However, with our new home nearing the final stretch and the 100% chance of rain this weekend, I’m inspired by a more subdued approach than in years past.

I’ve seen some great posts recapping the coolest DIY egg decorating ideas out there see here and here, so I wanted to offer something different to the mix: a mood board for a modern adult Easter celebration.  I know plenty of people who don’t yet have kids but love nothing more than an excuse to get together with friends.  Who says you need to have kids to enjoy Easter?!

Images from top left clockwise: 1) couple with bunny masks, 2) good egg DIY sharpie decorated eggs, 3) Easter card that can easily be used as an invitation, 4) lace kraft favor bags, 5) laboratory flower vase, 6) pear tart, 7) dinnerware set in charcoal.

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Retail Therapy: Happy Chic

One of the things that we enjoyed most about living in Los Angeles was its proximity to Palm Springs.  Hubby and I made sure to get away there for a romantic weekend at least once a year, so over the years we had the opportunity to stay at a number of the cool properties that dot this hip town. We stayed at the Viceroy, the Ace and a few others, but hands down our favorite was the Parker Palm Springs.  We loved the irreverent vibe, the tongue and cheek design and the luxurious facilities.

The Parker Palm Spring via

The Parker Palm Springs was designed by Jonathan Adler and all throughout the property you get to enjoy his colorful, whimsical designs.  I was so pleased to find out that Jonathan Adler has partnered with JCPenney to create the Happy Chic line of homegoods.  I love nothing more than designer style at affordable prices and while I have never set foot in a JCPenney, this partnership had me checking their website for the nearest store.

I’ve always been a fan of Adler’s work, back from his early days when he just did pottery. I’m happy to say I own a few of his original pieces from back in the day.  In fact, in New York, I lived around the corner from his first little shop on Broome Street and would regularly drop in just to inhale the fabulousness.  Below are a few of the items from the Happy Chic collection that caught my eye, but I recommend you check out the whole line online. There are great pieces to brighten up any home and I think a few of them will pop on in mine… once we’ve moved in.

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Interior Inspiration: Accent Walls


I like accent walls.  A lot of impact for not a lot of commitment.  Typically accent walls are done either with a wallpaper, or one solid contrasting paint color, or a painted or stenciled pattern, or even a different material, e.g. a reclaimed wood wall, or using decals.

I especially like accent walls when they can easily be accomplished with paint, i.e. an inexpensive way to spice up a room.  My current favorite is the triangle pattern pictured above.  Technically, the picture above is a removable adhesive wall pattern, but it looks to me like a pattern easily replicated with paint.  I’m thinking I might do something similar in Monkey’s bedroom.  His bedroom is quite small, so I want to give it a little life.

But I also think Big Boy’s bedroom also needs walls with a special treatment.  Below are some current contenders.





When the chevron pattern first came out I really liked it.  But now that I’ve seen it everywhere, from accent walls, to crib sheets, to iPhone cases, and everything in between, I think the chevron thing has gone a little too far.  So, I’m not planning on going that route for the accent wall, but in case you are interested here‘s a how to.  Don’t get me wrong, I still like chevron, but used sparingly.

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