Celebrate: Fiesta Time

With the Holidays just over most of us aren’t thinking of celebrating and entertaining, we just want to ease into the New Year.  But when a good friend is turning 50 you rally to help make it a memorable occasion.  I suggested a Fiesta theme because the family had recently returned from a dreamy vacation in Tulum. I thought a Fiesta would bring back to the vacation vibes and put everyone in a good mood.  Margaritas don’t hurt either.  Here are some ideas I pulled together for a fun, festive and modern Mexican Fiesta, but the ideas could just as easily be applied to a Cinqo de Mayo celebration, or a Dia de los Muertes party.


The colors are so vibrant that you can’t help but be happy.  The key to the decor is the papel picado decorations, which fortunately, are readily available from many sources.  If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed a bright DIY project underway.  No surprises there, it’s for this Fiesta.  Now, it’s time to start putting all the pieces together.

Image source clockwise from upper right: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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Inspiration: Self Care


The end of 2016 was hectic in so many ways and blogging was one of the casualties. As we start this new year, my resolution is to take better care of myself.  For me that includes healthier eating in the form of more whole, less refined foods.  This also means scheduling time for things I enjoy from going to a gallery, to having coffee with a friend or my personal favorite, going to the flea market.  It’s incredible how little time we carve out for things that nurture our souls and hearts, when every day commitments start to pile up.  Finally, for me this also means taking better care of my body.  I mentioned before that I don’t love exercise, but I did take some positive steps forward last year, literally.  Walking became a more regular part of my routine along with occasional higher impact stuff.  But this year, I want to kick it up a notch. I’m not saying a want to run a marathon, I just want to increase the frequency and intensity.   That’s it for my 2017 resolution of loving myself more.

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Retail Therapy: Modern Eclectic Thanksgiving Tablescape



Now that the election is over, let’s regroup.  Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday because it’s about getting together with loved ones, hanging out, talking, cooking, eating, etc.  I couldn’t be happier that Thanksgiving is around the corner.  Let’s sit together, let’s talk, let’s heal.

One of the things I enjoy most is setting the table.  I’ve pulled together three different modern looks, a modern eclectic look, a modern rustic look and a clean modern look.  For me, the main ingredients include: texture, color palette and natural elements.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

To dress up the table and make it feel more special, I love to add placecards. Last year I put together a super simple DIY, see here.  I also create a super easy banner printable, see here.  Time to plan the menu.

Top image source

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Before and After: Relaxing Modern Farmhouse Bedroom


For me, bedrooms are all about sleeping in or curling up with a good book.  Relaxation is always paramount, so that was my primary consideration for the master bedroom at the Farmhaus. I’m pretty happy to say that we feel super relaxed in this bedroom, but it took time and a good amount of sweat to get it there.

As a reminder this is where we started.


Super dark and dingy.  The first order of business was to brighten it up with natural light.  So what did we do?  We closed a window.  Say what? Yep, we closed a window that provided virtually no light and opted instead to put in a patio door that gives the bedroom direct access to the deck.  Go here to see the dirty progress.  The patio door not only gives us a view, but because it is south facing gives the room the most light throughout the day.  Closing up a window can be controversial see here, but sometimes it’s the right move.


I stayed quite true to my original mood board, but when a friend decided that the runner she had bought didn’t really work in her house I put it to good use and added a touch of blue to the room.

Here are more views of the room.master-bedroom-relaxing-modern-scandinavian-farmhouse-3

Recognize those black and brass sconces from the round up I did a few months ago?  I love them!  Also, we like to think that the framed black and white photograph is an hommage to the the window that once was. I found the bedside tables at auction. Because the room isn’t large I knew I couldn’t fit a dresser, so decided to optimize my space with bedside tables with drawers. They’re clean, midcentury but show their age. I wasn’t sure if I was going to refinish them to their pristine state, but the more I lived with them, the more I grew to love their imperfection.


Instead of putting the bench right at the foot of the bench, I opted instead to put it against the wall to allow for better traffic flow. The hooks above it allow me to use the vertical space, plus clothes don’t end up in a pile, they end up hanging, which seems ever so slightly more tidy.


All in all, it’s a mix of vintage finds and savvy shopping. You can find similar items here: grey upholstered bed, brass and black sconces, brass flushmount, white cotton pintuck linens,  nightstand with drawers, black rattan basket, midcentury bench, shaker wall hooks, blue cotton blanket.

Hope you like.  We LOVE it!

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Celebrate: Chic DIY Halloween for Adults

When it comes to Halloween, I’m really not into the black, orange and purple decor that tends to dominate.  Even if it’s a party for kids I like to keep things clean and modern.  I also love to personalize gatherings with DIY touches that make things feel special, but I don’t love DIY projects that are overly complicated and super time consuming.

With that in mind, I pulled together some easy, chic DIY ideas for a modern Halloween celebration perfect for an adult get together. We love our kids, but not every party has to be about them. Am I right?

The easiest project here is the mask, which is simply a printable. Pair it with with an all black outfit and you’re done. I am also totally in love with the mud cloth inspired pumpkins.  How cool are they? What about the spiders on the drinks and the bats in the window?  A little can go a long way to setting the mood.

Wishing you and yours a fun and safe Halloween.

chic diy halloween decor for adults

Clockwise from top left 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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