Retail Therapy: 15 Stylish Budget Friendly Gifts

I’ve put together a list of 15 cool, hip, stylish gift ideas that are super budget friendly. I know that sometimes in the frenzy of Holiday shopping, we feel like we just have to get something in order to cross someone off our list and but that’s not the best decision.

I rarely get myself anything gold.  It feels very indulgent.  But when getting a gift for someone else, getting something golden will make it feel extra special, so this gift guide is all about adding a little sparkle to the Holiday season.

First up, there is nothing that feels quite as thoughtful as a handmade gift.  But not all DIY gifts are created equal, i.e. not all DIY gifts hit the high style marks, but the 5 DIY projects below are high on design.  So, if you have a little extra time, why not make one of these?  They are sure to get rave reviews.

5 stylish DIY gifts copy

1. DIY Stacked Candle Holder from here, 2. DIY Coasters from here, 3.  Polka dot mugs image is actually for a set you can purchase here, but instructions to achieve a similar effect can be found here., 4. DIY Kitchen Towels from here, 5. DIY Gold Dipped Wine bottle from here.

At $25 dollars or less, the gifts below are not going to break the bank, yet they are sure to evoke feelings of delight.  Sure, you can always get a gift card, but how personal is that?

5 stylish gifts under 25 copy

6. Brass wine rack from here, 7. Horizon Zipper pouch from here, 8. Brass pocket change holder from here, 9. Honeycomb beverage tub from here, 10. Succulent Sculpture from here.

At $50 or less, the next 5 gift ideas will take a few more bucks out of your bank account, but they deliver the sort of style and originality that make them worth every penny.

5 stylish gifts under $50

11. Last Snow Drop Earrings from here, 12. Baby milestones from here, 13. Gaggle of Geese measuring cups from here, 14. Camel stripped Ragcuffs from here, 15. ‘Je Ne Regrette Rien’ print from here.

Hope this gives you some ideas to make this year’s holiday shopping more fun.

p.s. I handpicked every single item.  None are sponsored choices.

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