Vintage Finds: Nice Legs

We have to start buying things that will go in the house once all the construction is done.  But I have to be careful about what I get for two reasons, 1) budget and 2) storage.  An interior designer I recently met shared with me these words of wisdom, “Spend less money the further away you move from the walls.”  By that she meant, spend money on the plumbing, windows to get them right.  Then spend money on things like tiles, and light fixtures that are attached to the walls.  The further out, the less money.  Didn’t hurt that her husband owns a lighting company. 😉

That said there is some truth to what she said because stuff that is close to the walls or in the walls, tends to be permanent.  Therefore replacing or moving these items will be expensive.  I intend to get nice lights and nice tiles, but we’re not there yet on the construction side of things.

In the meanwhile, I came across this sweet desk at a local thrift store.  When I saw it, I knew that if the price was right I had to have it: nice peg legs, original hardware and clean mid-century lines. When the clerk told me the desk was a mere $40 I knew I would take it home.  Space or no space, I couldn’t pass up such a good deal!

Wanna know what plans I have for the desk?  Well, you’re just going to have to come back and see.


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