Vintage Finds: A Crate of Goodies

I haven’t done a Vintage Finds post in a while, simply because I haven’t had much of a chance to hunt for treasures lately, except for buying these at an estate sale that was on my way to picking up Big Boy from school. The finds below are from our recent date up in the Russian River. Remember when I said we hit a couple of garage sales?  Lucky for me, I uncovered a few treasures.

Vintage Finds

The first thing that drew my eye were these vintage gray enamel pendants.  They need rewiring.  But when she said they were $5 for all four I didn’t try to barter. I knew they were a steal.

Gray Vintage Enamel Pendants

Then I noticed the crate that the pendants were siting in.  A cool vintage wood Pepsi crate with nice wear and tear but the graphics still visible.  I asked if she would “throw it in” so I could carry the pendants and she agreed.  So I got this great crate for FREE.  Can’t beat free!

Vintage Pepsi Wood Crate

Lastly, as I was getting ready to pay, I noticed these cute, kinda kitsch plaster figurine heads.   Priced at $2 for the head of a boy, and the matching girl.  The head of the girl was quite banged up, with her nose missing, so I asked if I could just have the boy for $1 and she agreed.  I really like this boy; sweet, earnest and curious, just like my real boys.

Vintage Bust of a Boy

If you haven’t been adding it all up, I paid a whopping $6 for all these cool vintage items. I always say, buy what speaks to you, buy what you like. If it turns out to have more value, that’s just a bonus.  I had a feeling these would be Ebay type items and sure enough, I found the same vintage boy for $45, the same vintage Pepsi crate for $65, and similar vintage enamel industrial pendant shades for $70 each… That means if I’d bought these items on Ebay, I would have paid $400+ That makes me even happier!

Now, I just need to find these items a home… ideally by the river.

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