Vintage Finds: A Little Bling

A couple of weeks ago, when all the additional co$t$ were coming in due to structural work being demanded by the City inspector, I was not happy.  So, after a couple of days, I decided that a little treasure hunting was just what the doctor ordered.

I set my sights on Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore.  I’d never been to a ReStore outlet, but had heard good things.  Not only do they have a lot of recycled building supplies, the also have smaller home furnishings.  I figured it was likely to be a hit and miss scenario, but worth investigating.  What did I come home with?  Gorgeous, sculptural glass pieces.  Granted, these are no vintage cut crystal Baccarat, the sort that my aunt likes to collect at her local vide grenier (it literally means “empty the attic”, but is the French version of a garage sale).  What the pieces lack for in provenance, they make up for with style.

I love the optical illusion created by the pattern in the punch bowl.  Can’t say I’ve ever really had much punch in my life, but with a bowl like this, I’m inspired.

I picked up this decanter, then put it back, then picked it up again.  A woman  suggested I use it in the bathroom for some bath oils, but I think I will stick with its original intent. While I am not much of drinker, I do fancy the idea of setting up a little “bar” area in our new home.  Perhaps on a tray, or perhaps on one of those cool bar carts that seem to have come back in vogue.

Lastly, is my little vide poche.  Literally, means “empty pockets”.  But I have more fanciful ideas for this bowl than just loose change and receipts.  I can see it on a little side table filled with something sweet for guests to nibble on when they visit.

Don’t you love all the geometric patterns?  The tally, a mere $13.95 with tax.  The punch bowl was $6.95, the decanter $4.50, and the vide poche $2.50.  That’s my kind of bling.

For the record I have an affinity for elegant tableware and the likes.  This goes back to my days of working in public relations for Christofle.  It would appear that in my case, you can take the girl out of the luxe, but can’t take out the luxe out of the girl.

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