Vintage Finds: June 2015

Vintage lamp shades, hexagon mirrors, brass horse

Didn’t go to the flea market this month, but did just enough thrifting to keep this girl happy. What is it about the thrill of looking through junk to find an overlooked treasure that gets me each time?  This month my items are more decorative than useful.  I’ve mentioned before that I have a love for all things hex, so of course I couldn’t pass up this pair of vintage hex mirrors, though technically they are octagons.  I have no use for them, but at a mere $15 for the pair, I just couldn’t say no.  The brass horse was just $7 at a local rummage sale.  The rusted lamp shades were $7 each, not the greatest bargain, but I loved their ghost like appearance and worn patina; I think they could be cool like this.  $43 damage, I can live with that.

Again,  all these items would be perfect in my imaginary country house.  I think that if I buy enough stuff, somehow this imaginary country house will just materialize.  Mind over matter, or the power of visualization, something along those lines.

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