Vintage Finds: Mad Men Style

So, I haven’t had a chance to go thrifting much, but a few weeks ago when my mother was at the hospital I discovered a little whole in the wall shop that sells mostly vintage photographs. I was parked near the shop when visiting my mother, so on the way out, I stopped in for a quick browse.  The shop was definitely not organized a mess, but if you were willing to dig, there were treasures to be found.

We have lots of wall space that needs covering.  I love original art and we are fortunate to have a few really beautiful pieces, but until our budget can handle that kind of investment, I’m looking for creative solutions to bring life to our walls.

This is what I found and paid a whopping $12 for all these pieces!  First off, I selected cool retro car ads with vibrant colors.  These were originally from LIFE magazine and such.  Our Big Boy loves cars  so I think these will look great in his room.   I imagine a Don Draper-esque character coming up with these Mad Men style campaigns.

More cars, also for Big Boy’s room.  I like to vary the media and they will also be framed differently.

Another Mad Men like ad campaign, this one for Listerine.  It’s a cheeky ad that I’m thinking of hanging in the half bath.

A vintage print and a vintage photograph, both with a fishing theme.  I hadn’t noticed the theme until I grouped them together for this photograph and now that I see it, I think they might be suited for the new family room.

More vintage photographs, but these are more “art”.  Not sure where I might use them, but I like them.

Lastly, vintage travel brochures.  They had a couple of boxes of them, all with cool retro graphics. I choose these two because they speak to where I’m from.

Not bad for $12?  The funny things is framing these pieces will cost a lot more than $12. Will have to look around for cheap frames or wait for the Aaron Brothers semi annual 1 cent sale.

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